Wyeast Liquid Yeast 

For almost 30 years, Wyeast has been making a large selection of the freshest yeasts for homebrewing beer. MoreBeer! carries Wyeast Liquid Beer Yeast with 100 billion yeast cells per pack. Wyeast's packaging material provides 100 percent oxygen barrier and UV light protection. It has a guaranteed shelf life of six months when stored properly. You can find liquid beer yeast for ales, Belgian ales, lagers, lambics and even a seasonal private collection, which is used to try new strains on the homebrew market.  Unique strains with distinct characteristics to them, some of these seasonal private collections are one-time releases. MoreBeer! carries over 30 different Wyeast Liquid Beer Yeasts for ales alone, so whatever you are seeking in a liquid beer yeast, you are almost assured of finding right here!

Wyeast Warranty
Our Product Warranty states that we guarantee the viability of the yeast in our Activator™ packages for 6 months from the manufacture date assuming that they have been properly shipped, stored and handled. Our superior packaging material provides 100% oxygen barrier and UV light protection making this exceptional guarantee possible. During this 6 month guaranteed shelf life, some loss of viability is to be expected. This will vary from one strain to another. Activator™ packages that are 4 months old or older may require additional time to swell after activation.

Activator™ packages will sometimes swell slightly, or moderately during shipping or later while properly stored. This is not an indication of deterioration if the package is less than 6 months old and has been properly handled. This is result of trace amounts of nutrients, still available at the time packaging, causing small amount of culture activity and CO2 production. Some strains are more prone to this than others.

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