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A proper beer glass is a must for homebrew enjoyment!  We have high quality glassware for any beer style.

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What Are the Different Types of Beer Glasses?

Beer glass types are almost as varied as types of beer, and there’s more reason to that than just the look. Beer glasses are designed to work best for particular beers, with each type offering a different way of improving your beer-drinking experience. Consult this list for which beer glass type to use for your favorite brews.


Arguably the most common of beer glasses, pint glasses are a fine option for most beers. Their versatility and ease of use make them the choice of glass for many establishments and homes. Though size can vary from country to country, with the UK preferring the larger imperial pint to the smaller American version, pint glasses are typically conical in shape and are the most similar to normal drinking glasses found in restaurants.


Pilsner glasses are tall and slim, with a wider mouth that tapers evenly down to the bottom. The wide mouth helps to maintain the beer’s head and its long design allows onlookers to appreciate the bubbles and color of their drink of choice. Pilsner glasses are perfect for pilsner, naturally, but they also are a great option for most all lagers and other light beers.

Mug or Stein

Mugs or steins are a classic thick and cylindrical shape with a helpful handle that is excellent for keeping your brews frosty. Like pint glasses, beer mugs or steins are suited to many different beers. Because of the thick glass and solid handle creating distance between your body heat and your beer, mugs or steins are the perfect options for those who enjoy a crisp drinking experience and are often put in the freezer for frosting before serving.


The large, bowl-like shape of goblets make them an excellent choice for heavier beers such as Belgian Ales and German bocks. Goblets are often considered an extravagant manner of imbibing, frequently shown on TV and in film as the cup of choice for royalty. This is lent to by the noble shape of the goblet’s stem and wide glass and the fact that they are sometimes adorned with gold or silver.


Weizen glasses are a German creation designed for wheat beer. With its narrow bottom and long form, the Weizen glass is taller and shapelier than a pint glass. It helps maintain a foamy head and is excellent for garnishes because of its thin glass.


Though snifters have traditionally been associated with brandy or cognac drinking, they have become a popular option for stronger drinks, including stout and some IPAs. The distinct shape makes it excellent for swirling, providing an aromatic beer-drinking experience. They are also especially good for bottle shares where you’re sampling small amounts in a large group.


Similar in shape to the snifter, tulip glasses are rounded glasses that have a lip that curves outward which helps maintain the beer’s head. They do well with strong and aromatic beers. They are also very popular glassware for sour or mixed fermentation beers.


Very close in nature to the tulip glass, the thistle glass is roughly the shape of the thistle, Scotland’s national flower. It is less curvy than the tulip and has an almost sharp shape. It suits Scotch ale best.

If you’re brewing your own hazy IPA, try a snifter to sip your helping of hops.  For a Belgian ale, go for a goblet to get your fill. Whatever your brew of choice, there are beer glass types crafted to enhance your beer-drinking experience.