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Home brewers can venture a bit off the beaten path with All Grain Specialty Beer Recipe Kits available at MoreBeer! Try American, German or Belgian brews as well as kits made to produce seasonal beers for specific holidays or times of year. For instance, the Thanksgiving Pumpkin Ale All Grain Beer Kit will make 5 gallons of a Thanksgiving Ale based on somewhat bitter Amber Ale boasting a mild hop finish, and a taste of pumpkin spice. For the Yule season, the Holiday (Christmas) Ale All Grain Beer Kit gives you 5 gallons worth of malty, red, spiced ale with powdered ginger cinnamon and allspice. The Fire In The Hole All Grain Beer Kit isn't seasonal, per se, but it certainly is special, with the addition of rye to a brew with red color, spicy flavor, velvety-smooth body and an impressive head in a bitter blend.