Canning Homebrew

Nothing beats the feeling of cracking open a can of your own homebrew! Until recently canning beer was out of reach for most homebrewers, that is why we're excited to launch our new hombrew canning category that will help you get started canning beer at home today. The process is very similar to bottling, except you use a Can Seamer and Lid instead of a Bottle Capper and Crown Cap to seal the vessel. Simply purge the sanitized Can with cO2, fill it with your finished beer, then place and seam the Lid. It's that easy to start enjoying your fresh homebrew in a Can!
Why we love Cans: First off they are lighter to carry and shatterproof so you can enjoy them by the pool, camping, etc and won't have to worry about them breaking. Being lighter & shatterproof makes them better for shipping to friends and competitions. They also completely block out light that will skunk your beer and when filled correctly there is close to zero head space in a Can. This will keep your packaged beer fresher for longer. Last but not least, it's just pretty awesome to Can your own Beer!

To check out a video of the Cannular in action, CLICK HERE!