Viking Malt


Viking malt has a great European history dating back five family generations to 1883. They are the largest producer of roasted specialty malt in the world and the 9th largest overall malt producer with an average annual production around 600,000 tons. Viking Malt operates six malt houses in Northern Europe and their largest customer is the famous Carlsberg brewery.

Great Selection, Great Quality

With a Viking appropriate statement of "Discovering the World of Malt" the diversity and selection of malts is amazing.  Extract is high and protein and dmsp levels are on average lower than similar domestic malts. Viking only sources non GMO modified barley from local farmers located close to their six malting houses. Additionally, the cold winters of Northern Europe provide a natural pest reduction, greatly lessening the need to use chemical pesticides.  

Viking Pilsner  Null-Lox Malts stops Trans-2-nonenal, Slow Staling

Viking Pilsner Zero Malt is a special null-lox malt of the varietal, Charles. Null-lox malts do not contain the enzyme lipoxygenase (lox) which leads to trans-2-nonenal in aged beer.  Trans-2-nonenal is responsible for beer staling and the associated flavors of cardboard and paper. If you're pushing your product into distribution this can be especially interesting for lagers that need to travel to get to their destination.      

The value of Viking Malts is tremendous. The quality is world class and the price is super competitive! 

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