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Are you ready for a hobby that stimulates your creativity, transforms you into a beer expert, and allows you to actually save money? Then you came to right place! Our goal is for you to have a great experience and make amazing beer with your first batch.

Which Homebrewing Kit to Choose?

MoreBeer! offers numerous different Personal Home Brewery Equipment Kits to get you started brewing great beer at home. All of our kits come with easy to follow instructions that will guide you through making your first batch of beer. If you have any questions about what kit is right for you, plase give us a call at 1-800-600-0033. Some of our most popular starter kits are shown below.
Homebrew Starter Kit:  Our most affordable beginning Personal Home Brewery built around a plastic bucket fermenter. Perfect for the the budget minded beginning brewer.    Deluxe Homebrewing Kit:  This kit features an unbreakable P.E.T. Carboy with a 4" mouth and a spigot on the bottom for a siphonless transfer. It also comes with a 5 gallon stainless steel kettle for partial boil brewing and ingedients for your first batch!
Homebrew Starter Kit!  

Deluxe Homebrewing Kit!

Premium Homebrewing Kit: A complete, Full Boil Brewery that includes everything you need to get started making great beer at home. This kit comes with a 8.5 gallon stainless steel kettle with a spigot, wort chiller, and a recipe kit!   Premium Beer Brewing Kit With Kegging System: This kit includes everything from our Premium Homebrewing Kit plus a complete Kegging System! Skip bottling and enjoy drawing your own beer from your own keg. Your friends won't mind either!

Premium Home Brewing Kit!



Premium Beer Brewing Kit With Kegging System!

Time To Make MoreBeer!

Once you have your home brewery up and running the next question you (and most likely your friends) will have is, "what's the next brew going to be?". We have over 200 Homebrew Recipe kits to choose from that cover all the beer styles imaginable.