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Welcome to MoreBeer!

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all of our Home Brewing Starter Kits in the continental United States! 

Are you ready for a hobby that stimulates your creativity, transforms you into a beer expert, and allows you to actually save money? Then you came to right place! Our goal is for you to have a great experience and make amazing beer with your first batch. 
Which Kit to Choose?
MoreBeer! offers 5 different Personal Home Brewery Equipment Kits to get you started brewing.

Basic – BRKIT1:  Our most affordable beginning Personal Home Brewery built around an inexpensive plastic fermenter. Perfect for the the budget minded beginning brewer.

Deluxe – BRKIT2:  Features an unbreakable P.E.T. Carboy that allows you to watch the fermentation process. Also includes our Sterile Siphon Starter, the easiest way to start a siphon!

Botting Deluxe – BRKIT3: A complete, Partial Boil Brewery including everything in BRKIT2, plus a 5-gallon stainless steel kettle, ingredients and bottles.

Super Deluxe – BRKIT4: Start now with this complete, Full Boil  System and you may never upgrade your Brewery again! Get the preferred method & equipment for only $110 more.

Kegging Deluxe – BRKIT5: Dispense your personal brews professionally with this complete, high-quality Beer Kegging System. Beyond mere convenience, it’s a brewer’s ultimate showpiece.

Ingredient Kits: Brew the beers you love with 100+ Extract Beer Ingredient Kits to choose from!