What is a Sanke Keg? 

Sanke also called Sankey is a type of beer keg. Sanke kegs have a single valve on the top of them that allows for both beer and gas to pass-through. The beer flows via a spear in the valve that runs to the bottom of the Sankey keg. The gas flows to the top portion of the keg pushing the beer up through the spear on the bottom and out for dispensing. Sanke kegs come in various shapes and sizes. The most common sizes are 5.16 gallon also called 1/6 barrel, 7.75 gallon also called ¼ barrel, 15.5 gallon also called ½ barrel and 13.2 gallon also called 50L or Euro sanke kegs.

In order to get beer in and out of a Sankey keg you need a keg coupler also sometimes called keg taps. A sankey coupler is essentially and sanitary key (Sankey) to unlock the beer inside the sanke keg. There are several different types of sanke couplers but the most common in the U.S. is the D-style coupler. Below is a list of the different style couplers we carry and the types of sanke kegs they fit. We also carry a complete line of all the popular sizes of D-Style sanke kegs, as well as parts and tools for working on and maintaining sanke kegs. If you have any questions about Sankey kegs or anything beer related please give us a call or email by clicking on the contact us section at the bottom of this page

Types of Sanke Keg Couplers:

D-Style - Fits U.S. Sanke Kegs

S-Style - Fits European Sanke Kegs

A-Style - Fits most German Sanke Kegs

U-Style – Fits some European Sanke Kegs

* Please note our product descriptions will list what brands each style will usually fit.

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