Blichmann Tower of Power & TopTier

Blichmann is one of the most popular home brewing brands on the market today, and its brewing stands and towers combine everything that you need to make a high quality home brewed beer in one convenient system.

The Blichmann Tower of Power takes your existing brewing method and turns it into a digital brewing machine by utilizing PID temperature controllers, a March pump, automated spark igniters and an analog flow meter. Whether you currently have a gravity system, single-tier, two-tier or any other type of brewing system, the Tower of Power is equipped with all of the plumbing, flow meters, and even a custom two-way ball valve for taking gravity samples during your mash or sparge!

MoreBeer! also carries the Blichmann TopTier brewing stand, which is one of the most modular systems on the market. With this unique stand you can completely customize your entire brewing experience, placing burners and shelves exactly where you want them and even mounting wort chillers or march pumps to the stand if you choose to. The TopTier stand is even compatible with coolers, kettles, keggles or a combination of all three!