Hop and Grain Scales

Scales for beer brewers to weigh out brewing ingredients are a handy addition to your home brewery and are available for sale at MoreBeer! These scales can help you weigh nutrients, hops, grains and other beer ingredients so you have everything in proper calibration to perfect your recipe. A High Precision Blade Scale features a three-key operation, tare feature, built-in auto shut-off, and a retractable display that tucks into the body of the scale itself for compact transportation and storage. Our Electronic Grain Scale has the ability to weigh a full sack and is a benchtop unit with a 55-pound capacity and plenty of helpful features. MoreBeer! also sells a large 11-pound capacity scale for weighing out malt extract, grain or sugar. See all the scales for sale at MoreBeer! and pick one right for your needs.


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