Kegerator & Keezer Conversion Kits 

Complete kegerator conversion kits to convert your refrigerator into a kegerator or chest freezer into a keezer!  An old fridge can make an excellent homebrew kegerator by simply clearing it's shelves and attaching a couple of faucets to the outside of the door.  Below are some different conversion kits to help you convert your fridge into a kegerator.

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What is a Keezer?

A keezer is a homemade kegerator built out of a chest freezer. Typically a hood is added to create space between the lid. Then holes are drilled in the hood for the draft lines, shanks, taps etc.

A Basic Guide To Keezers

If you consider yourself a serious lover of beer, you know that kegerators are refrigerators built to store kegs. Keezers are homemade kegerators designed to fit your taproom’s specific dimensions and aesthetics. Displaying of tap handles and access to multiple kegs are made possible with these custom beer dispensing systems. It’s not just about beer though, they can also be used to dispense cold-brewed coffee, wine or even kombucha.

Keezer Equipment

Putting together your own keezer requires multiple components. You’ll need:


        A chest freezer

        Liquid lines

        A CO2 tank, manifold and regulator

        Temperature controls

Assembly packages containing these items make obtaining every necessary component a cinch. Online resources to help with putting it all together are easily discoverable.

Keezer Savings

Regular beer drinkers are inclined to save heaps by utilizing these devices. Because brew is being purchased in bulk, the cost remains lower than if you were to acquire the same quantity of alcohol in traditional store-bought packs. Real craft beer tends to be more expensive than the cheap macro suds. So drinking one of these pricier selections makes the windfall even greater. Savings have been known to climb as high as 60%.

A custom beer dispenser is a brilliant addition to any home bar or garage. Correct assembly requires high-quality parts that are designed to last. Our hardware has been crafted to withstand heavy usage and we’re here to help guide you through making your own keezer. Give us a call or email if you have any questions.