Refractometers measure your sugars during the process of brewing at home, and multiple options are available at MoreBeer! Simple to use, refractometers require just a few drops to run a test. Refractometers' exceptional durability makes them a more appealing instrument for many home brewers than hydrometers, which tend to be more fragile and more susceptible to breakage. Choose from either an analog refractometer or a digital refractometer. A Dual Scale Brewing Refractometer used to measure the amount of malt sugar in a solution features both a Brix Scale and a Specific Gravity Scale, which is what the majority of home brewers use. The Vee Gee Deluxe Refractometer with ATC includes a large, clear scale, an Automatic Temperature Correction, a zero-to-30 Brix scale, an ocular eyepiece for focusing and other great features. The Hanna Digital Refractometer is a portable, water-resistant device employing the measurement of refractive index to show the sugar content in grape or wort samples.

Learn About Brewing With a Refractometer:
Depending on which stage you are at in the beer making process, there are a few tips and tricks to getting accurate results using a refractometer when brewing.  After ethanol is present a refractometer reading will be off.  Using the original Brix and the apparent Brix with this spreadsheet will help you to find what you're gravity or Brix is actually at after fermentation has begun and completed.



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