Mash Paddles

All-grain brewing requires that the entire grain bill be submerged in the water during the mashing process, as grains that do not get wet won’t convert their starches into the sugars, which is essential for the final wort. In order to accomplish this step, you need a mash paddle to help you stir the grains in the vessel during the dough-in, or as soon as you add the grains to the water.

Instead of grabbing any old cooking spoon or paddle, MoreBeer!’s mash paddles are made specifically with all-grain beer brewing in mind and make much better tools for the job. They come in sizes long enough to reach the bottom of almost any mash tun, and they have holes at the top that allow grain to pass through. With mash paddles in all sizes and price ranges, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your home brewery. 


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