We're Big on Being Small.

Although we’ve grown tremendously since our founding in 1995, we remain very much a small family business in many respects.
How so? As enthusiasts ourselves, we continue to deliver a high level of personalized customer service. We love to pass along proven tips and advice so people can learn and improve their craft. What’s more, our hands-on founders still run the business!
In fact, these guys are just as passionate as ever about helping people like you create exciting new flavors. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel where owners Chris and Olin talk about products, discuss processes, and give back to the homebrewing and winemaking communities through monthly giveaways. They also share an interest in brewing beer in the strangest of places… be sure to check out their adventure brews!  
But no matter how much the company grows, we just keep doing what we’ve always done: treat customers how we would want to be treated, give advice where needed, and try to create a company that is wholly original.      
We invite you to get acquainted with our many channels that serve and – crucially – educate folks in their particular area of interest:
Professional Sites: morebeerpro.com / morewinepro.com

Get to Know Our Owners


MoreFlavor! was founded by brothers Olin Schultz and Darren Schleth. Partner Chris Graham was originally a customer who became an owner in 1997. 
Olin Schultz Partner, CEO
Darren SchlethPartner, CMO
Chris GrahamPartner, President 


Learn About Our 25+ Year Saga


If you’re interested in origin stories and how our journey unfolded, kindly read on...


The following describes how we went from the proverbial shed out back to multiple businesses that employ scores of amazing people and serve countless individuals and companies worldwide. Our mission remains constant: to help people achieve what they envision in making their own beer, wine, and/or coffee.
1995 - Our company is started as Beer, Beer & More Beer™ April 1st, 1995 by Olin Schultz and Darren Schleth. They purchase a few thousand dollars of supplies and Olin begins filling orders out of a 150-square-foot shed that was in the back of Darren's house. Many of our first customers still remember pulling up in the gravel driveway and walking around the house to pick up their brewing supplies. From day one we make the decision to never sell a canned beer kit based on quality, unheard of for a homebrew shop at the time.
1997 - Our very first customer Regan Dillon retires from his corporate job and joins Beer, Beer & More Beer™ as a partner. Regan Dillon had a history of building all-grain brewing systems for customers in his garage.  We begin building what he terms BrewSculptures™, which are some of the first commercially available all-grain homebrewing systems available. Darren is now welding BrewSculptures™ in his garage. 
1998 - We outgrow the shed, Olin's parent's garage, Darren's garage, and any other nook and cranny and move the business into a legitimate warehouse. Chris Graham, a long-time customer, quits his paying job at NCR and joins the company as a partner, and begins to tackle our IT mess of doing business online in the early days of e-commerce.  
1999 - We introduce the first line of stainless steel conical fermenters designed for homebrewers. We design Wort Chillers with the coils at the top, changing the way most wort chillers are now made.
2000 - Well... the very first thing we did in 2000 was to clear out one of our warehouses and throw an amazing millennium party! We also produced the first full-color homebrewing supply catalog. We also started selling supplies and ingredients to make wine after we ourselves start making wine from amazing local fruit. Wine, Wine & More Wine and another passion is born.
2001 - We became interested in roasting coffee and Coffee, Coffee & More Coffee is born. We release heated and cooled conicals that are able to maintain temperature at 1 degree, bringing commercial-level control to the home brewer.
2002 - We purchase our Riverside, CA Showroom and begin to learn the challenges of multiple locations.
2004 - We continually push forward spending a year researching and implementing a new database system. Our customer service reps complain they can no longer answer the phone, "Beer, Beer & More Beer, Wine, Wine & MoreWine, Coffee, Coffee, & MoreCoffee how can we help you"  so we incorporate as MoreFlavor!™ while shortening our brand names to MoreBeer!™, MoreWine!™ and MoreCoffee!™.
2005 - With Beer, Wine and Coffee products all on one site we split out our websites to MoreBeer.com, MoreWineMaking.com and MoreCoffee.com to allow for a better and more focused shopping experience.
2006 - Our commercial brands MoreWinePro.com and MoreBeerPro.com are created to sell to commercial wineries and brewers. A Warehouse expansion doubles our space to accommodate growth.
2007 - Our Los Altos California Showroom opens.
2011 - Our production warehouse opens doors to repackage ingredients and make beer kits. Controlling the packaging allows us to both offer the best quality and best value ingredients. 
2012 - We purchase Brewing Techniques Magazine which was an amazing magazine focused on both the advanced home brewer and the pro brewer. It was just a little before its time.  MoreBeer! integrates 37 issues worth of amazing content into the site, linking the articles to all related products.  We also do a website upgrade that features hundreds of new FAQs, tips, articles, and videos all linked to products.  The My Products link in the footer of the site is a quiet innovation that links any item you've purchased from us with all of this information.
2013 - We open a 30,000-square-foot Order Fulfillment Warehouse in Pennsylvania to serve the Eastern and Midwestern United States with faster service. Now 90% of our customers will enjoy order transit times of 2 days or less. We also expand our Metal Fabrication Shop to 7,000 square feet to meet increased demand and to make even more cool products.
2015 - We open our fourth MoreBeer! & MoreWine! retail store located in San Leandro, California.  We also consolidate five separate West Coast warehouses into one larger 90,000-square-foot West Coast warehouse in Pittsburg, CA. This allows us to offer even faster shipments along with a continually growing selection of products.  
2016 - We launch Morebeerpro.com as an account-based wholesaler selling only to commercial breweries, cideries, and distilleries.
2017 - We "introduce day your order will arrive".  While that seems standard in today’s Amazon world, most small companies are doing good to tell you the day it will ship. We introduce Intertap faucets to the USA market.  
2018 - We launch Morewinepro.com as an account-based wholesaler selling only to commercial wineries.  MoreBeer! Pro announces a deal with Viking Malt to become their USA distributor. As an added benefit for homebrewers MoreBeer! is now the only retailer directly importing European malt. 
2019 - We rapidly expand our selection of malt, hops, pro tanks, and equipment. 1 in 4 commercial breweries now has an account with Morebeerpro.com.  We expand our East Coast operations in Pennsylvania by adding another warehouse. Morebeer.com becomes the most visited brewing supply site in the world.
2020 - Wow, we've been in business for 25 years!  Crazy that this is my 25th entry.  We had some fun celebrations planned in spring of 2020 but we shelved them for obvious reasons. We hope you and your family are safe and if you find a little joy in brewing beer, wine, or whatever while you shelter in place then that makes us very happy.  On behalf of my partners for 25 years and the whole MoreFlavor! family, Thank You! - Cheers, Olin
Today - Our company is still owned and operated by the original guys, Olin Schultz, Darren Schleth, and Chris Graham with the help of all of our amazing employees. There is a common theme that all of us are passionate about flavor and making beer, wine, and roasting coffee. We hope to share that passion with you and we sincerely thank you for shopping with us.