“I believe our customers
need helpful information and advice
just as much as first-rate equipment.
We love to provide it freely.”
–Chris Graham,
As a fellow beer maker, winemaker, and coffee roaster, I know how much you want to continually learn about your craft and explore its potential. You need the right equipment, of course, but, perhaps even more, you need expert advice and practical information.
That’s why we put such emphasis on customer relations – we want to help you. Over the years we’ve built a vast library of “how-to” resources that include online videos, articles, manuals, and frequently asked questions. We’re always happy to offer advice to help you solve an immediate problem.
I know that I, for one, sure could have used this type of help when I began home-brewing beer back in the late 1990’s  – it would’ve saved me loads of time and aggravation!
I found Olin and Darren and their new beer-making business, Beer, Beer & More Beer, and I quickly became a customer. We started brewing together to test recipes and ingredients. Olin and I shared a love for Ultimate Frisbee having both played in college. We became friends that continue to hang out in our spare time today.  
The day I rolled the dice – and hit the jackpot!
I had been working for the NCR Corporation in a good, stable job, but honestly, it didn’t exactly skyrocket me out of bed each morning. I had gone to University of Oregon and got a Business Degree with my emphasis in Entrepreneurship, so corporate America wasn’t exactly my dream.  As my restlessness grew, I had also been talking with Olin about joining Beer, Beer, and More Beer and getting to do and talk about what I love all day long.
It was a choice between job security at NCR and working in an environment I genuinely loved. I’m happy to report that love won out!
In the last 25 years I’ve gotten a chance to work in pretty much all roles of the business as we have grown from a tiny team to the company we have become.  My favorite as always has been the Tech side and currently beyond the IT department, I’m in charge of our digital marketing, which I love. To see what I mean, check out a few of our YouTube videos. They’ll show you the lengths we go to in order to educate and inspire our fellow brewers, roasters, and winemakers.
We treat enthusiasts like you
the way enthusiasts like us want to be treated.
You can see the quality of our product offerings for yourself, but it’s the MoreFlavor customer experience that needs to be – well, experienced first-hand.
To me, that’s the main thread that runs throughout our history as a company. Sure, we’ve always been ahead in terms of providing state-of-the-art equipment, but the real growth has been due to our passion for helping our customers grow.
It’s really simple:
You folks share our love for these wonderful crafts, so we want to share all the knowledge and expertise we’ve developed over the years with you. Cheers!