VineCo Signature Series™

The ultra premium wine kit for the most discerning wine lovers—the VineCo Signature Series™ offers a home winemaking experience that is a cut above the rest. Each kit includes the finest varietal juices sourced directly from the country of origin, bringing you the truest example possible from the world’s most exceptional growing regions, such as France, Italy, California, and more. With the highest juice to concentrate ratio, these kits produce wine that are the truest in taste and structure to the grapes and styles they emulate. The Signature Series™ is further distinguished by the inclusion of grape skin packs with each red wine varietal (excluding Pinot Noir). This means you’ll mirror the professional vintner process of “punching the cap”, further enhancing the journey you’ll navigate on your way to making delicious wine at home. Several Reds in the Signature line also include high-quality oak cubes for the final aging process, which have more depth of flavor than chips or powder and slowly release compounds to enhance the flavor, mouthfeel, and aroma of your wine. And as a final touch, each Signature Series™ kit comes with self-adhesive labels, so when you’re ready to uncork a bottle with friends and family, your finished wine will be all the more impressive.

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