Our recommended equipment and supplies to ensure you have everything you need to make your VineCo wine kit!


  • Primary Fermenter: A wide mouth food grade container up to 30 L / 8 gal. (FE357)
  • Carboy: A glass or plastic carboy to hold 23 L / 6 gal. (FE314)
  • Airlock : Fits into stopper and is half filled with sulphite solution. Allows CO2 to escape and prevent oxygen and spoilage organisms from entering the wine. (FE370)
  • Stopper: Used to secure the airlock to the carboy. (FE502)
  • Solid Bung: Fits into carboy. Prevents oxygen and spoilage organisms from entering the wine. Use once wine is fully degassed. (FE503)
  • Racking Tube & Tubing: Flexible food grade tubing with a rigid plastic siphon rod, leveling clip and anti-sediment tip. (R310)
  • Mixing Spoon: Food grade plastic stirring utensil. (BE424)
  • Hydrometer: Used to check specific gravity of your wine at different stages of the fermentation process. (MT300)
  • Wine Thief: Used to take out samples from the primary and carboy. (MT342A)
  • Bottle Filler: Automatically dispenses liquid when inserted into a bottle and stops liquid flow upon removal. (B421)
  • Corker: Simple device to push corks into wine bottles. (W421)
  • Wine Bottle Brush: Handy for cleaning and reusing wine bottles. (CE36)
  • Measuring Spoons: Used to measure out sulphite to make a solution. (MT645)


  • Potassium Metabisulphite: Make into a solution used to sanitize equipment and fill airlock. (AD495)
  • Wine Bottles: 28-30 x 750 mL bottles to store your wine. (B373)
  • Corks: Used to seal the wine bottles. (W418FB)
  • Cleaner: Used to clean dirty equipment. (CL25A)