Mineral Water

Mineral water

What is Mineral Water?

The definition of mineral water has had many interpretations over the years, the U.S. FDA defines mineral water as water containing at least 250ppm of TDS (total dissolved solids). So depending on your local water you could have mineral water on tap. If you’re interested in easily filtering, testing & adjusting the mineral content in your drinking water, you’ve come to the right place!

Making your own Mineral water!

The first step to making your own mineral water is understanding the mineral content of the water you are working with. We sell several easy to use water testing kits that will allow you to determine the TDS of your water to within 10-25ppm. We also recommend installing a water filtration system to help with removing chlorine. Once you know and understand the calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfate, chloride and bicarbonate levels in your water you can begin to refine it to your drinking palate.

Why we love Mineral Water!

As homebrewers we got into mineral water by learning and experimenting with our brewing water. Once you taste water you’ve dialed in to fit a regional water supply and realize “wow I can make water that taste like it’s from San Pellegrino Italy”, you want to keep a keg of carbonated mineral water on tap at all times!



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