Beer Bottle Sanitizer

Preparing your bottles and keeping them sanitary during the bottling process can be tough, but with a sanitizing bottle tree, you don’t have to worry about a thing. All you need to do is fill the injector with sanitizer, place a clean bottle on top and press down; it’s that easy. Excess sanitizer drains out, and airborne contaminants can’t get in because the bottles are upside-down while you’re using a bottle tree.

At MoreBeer!, we carry a variety of bottle trees and injectors for your convenience. We have those with 45 seats that rotate, 88-seat stationary bottle trees and everything in-between. You’ll find economy injectors, FastRack drying and storage systems, and even stainless steel bottle washers for more in-depth cleaning. No matter what you need to home brew your own special blends, it’s our mission to provide it at prices you can afford. 


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