BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni Conical Fermenters

We guarantee you will love the fit and finish of the BrewBuilt X1 Uni Conical. Born of thousands of hours of research, contemplation, and development; the engineers and critical minds behind its realization scoured years of feedback from home and professional brewers alike to determine the ideal feature set of a stainless steel conical fermenter. Made entirely of 304 stainless steel with a mirror-polish finish inside and out, this unit is purpose-built to advance your fermentation process, improve the quality of your finished beer, and look good doing it. Available in three models: the X1 Uni, Uni+ and Uni Pro. No matter which path you choose, you’ll be well on your way to making higher-quality beer for years to come.

The BrewBuilt™ X1 line up:

X1 Uni

The base model Uni offers the most affordable entry to fermenting with a BrewBuilt X1 Conical. Pick up the fermenter now and add upgrades at your own pace. You will love the premium feature set this conical has to offer right out of the box. Extra-large 2” bottom port and stainless butterfly valve makes dumping yeast and hop trub a cinch. The welded-bar reinforced four-leg base gives this unit an extremely sturdy, and there's no need to add a bracing shelf if you choose to upgrade with rolling casters. The handles feature a molded silicone grip and stop half-way when they swing out so you won't pinch your fingers when you pick up the fermenter. Other features you’ll love include etched internal volume markers, adjustable feet, sample valve, thermowell, and the unique Blowoff U Barb.  With a host of premium upgrades and accessories available, you have plenty of options for improving and customizing the X1 Uni to best suit your needs and brewing style.

This model has been superceded by the X2 Uni.

X1 Uni+

Bells and whistles come standard. The Uni+ comes fully kitted out with some of our favorite upgrades and accessories so you’ll have a higher level of control over your fermentation process. The glycol-ready CoolStix is custom-made for the X1 with a 1.25” cooling rod for increased chilling efficiency; accompanied by the tailor-made neoprene jacket to provide insulation and maintain stable temperatures. The Flex Chamber Trub Separator & Yeast Harvester attaches directly to the 2” butterfly dump valve and functions as a sight glass and yeast collection & storage vessel, and it’s pressurizable so you can flush the chamber with CO2 and use it for adding dry hops or other flavor additions. The Pressure Pack with Clear Float Technology opens the door for adding gas to your conical, allowing you to pressure transfer or pull samples from the top down so you’re always accessing the clearest beer in the conical.

This model has been superceded by the X2 Jacketed Uni.

X1 Uni Pro

The most advanced homebrewing fermenter on the market, period. The X1 Uni Pro features Peltier technology to maintain fermentation temperatures with the highest level of precision. The "Peltier Effect" occurs when an electric current runs through a circuit of dissimilar conducting metals, and as the current passes from one metal to the other it can produce either cold or heat depending on which direction the current is flowing.  BrewBuilt saw the potential for applying this technology in the homebrewing world and used it to design their innovative Uni Pro conical fermenter. This completely self-contained unit doesn't require the additional space or expense of a dedicated refrigerator or glycol chiller and is exceedingly simple to configure and operate. The Pro also comes standard with the Flex Chamber, Pressure Pack, and insulating jacket.


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