BrewBuilt® X2 Jacketed Uni Conical Fermenter

BrewBuilt® X2 Jacketed Uni Conical Fermenter

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  • Built in external cooling jacket with 1.5" TC Ports
  • Neoprene jacket for insulation
  • Pressure Pack lid with floating dip tube, draft style qd connections for sampling/serving, and an extra 1.5" TC for hop bongs.
  • The Clear Flex Chamber Bottom Dump allows you to see fermentation, collect and remove trub, and has added ports for purging, oxygenating, carbbing and more... so flexible.  

Includes all the amazing X2 Features

  • Highest quality mirror finish.
  • Welded, ground and polished interior welds are the very highest quality and the ultimate for sanitation.
  • Four crossbar reinforced legs are superior for stability, mimicking Pro Uni Tanks.
  • Horizontal ports on the cone, just like pro tanks, allowing your racking arm, carbstone, and thermometer to have a horizontal placement in your tank. This allows for smaller minimum batch sizes, better carbonation, and more.  
  • Pressure Relief Valve with pull ring built into the lid.
  • 2" oversized bottom port and Butterfly Valve.
  • Coolest accessory upgrades like Pressure Pack with Floating Dip Tube, clear Flex Chamber trub collector, Coolstix, Kit for Pressure Fermentation etc. Read more Below!

We guarantee that you will love the fit and finish of the X2 Uni Jacketed Conical. Made entirely of 304 stainless steel, the quality exceeds what has previously been done in brewing applications and approaches the level of pharmaceutical-grade finish. With flawless welds and a dazzling mirror-polish finish inside and out, the BrewBuilt X2 Uni Jacketed is easy to sanitize and even easier on the eyes. You’ll probably want to snap a pic. #BrewBuilt

External Cooling Jacket
When it comes to temperature control for a homebrew conical fermenter the holy grail has been an external cooling jacket. Internal cooling coils have long been the answer and while they are simpler to make and relatively inexpensive, they are harder to clean and have issues cold crashing in warm environments. The Brewbuilt X2 Jacketed Conical offers maximum cooling power without any compromise of sanitation. Welding a jacket on a tank this size has usually been cost prohibitive but the Brewbuilt X2 with jacket is extremely competitive. Circulating cooling solution through the jacket provides you superior cooling power to all coils. 

Extra Large 2” T.C. Dump Valve
Dry hop to your heart's desire. Try as they might, hopheads will have a hard time clogging this conical. With an oversized 2" bottom port, you’ll have all the clearance you need (and even more than some pro brewers) to drop out your dry hop additions with ease. The slick mirror-polish finish on the inside allows flocculating yeast to collect neatly at the bottom of the cone as they slide right down the smooth interior walls. The butterfly dump valve integrates perfectly with the optional Flex Chamber Trub Separator and Yeast Harvester.

Reinforced Four-Leg Foundation
There’s a common complaint seen in the feedback for other conicals on the market—the tippiness of three-legged units. Three legs may be fine when the fermenter is sitting still on an even surface, but users are often forced to purchase a bracing shelf for more stability if they add casters or leg extensions. A conical is only as worthy as its foundation, so BrewBuilt modeled the X2 after professional-level brewery tanks with a four-leg, reinforced base. This seemingly small design feature is more expensive to produce, but it's what makes the X2 conical exceedingly stable when compared to other models.  When you fill up your fermenter with delicious fresh wort, you want to trust the vessel that’s holding your latest creation. Brewers shouted from the mountaintops that they wanted stronger, sturdier legs right out of the box that doesn’t require an additional bracing shelf. The four-leg, welded-bar reinforced system is absolutely rock solid. This is an especially critical feature if you plan to add rolling casters so you can easily glide the fermenter around your brewery.

The reinforced four-leg design not only increased the stability and strength of the conical but also allows the unit to stand taller, thereby eliminating the need for extensions in almost every situation. An elbow, a sight glass, or the Flex Chamber can be mounted under the unit with room to spare.

Adjustable Feet
The X2 Jacketed comes standard with reinforced thread-in adjustable feet. If your home brewery has uneven flooring, you can quickly and easily level out the fermenter. The feet can be swapped out with high-quality casters at any time.

Flex Chamber - Trub Separator & Yeast Harvester
The pressurizable Flex Chamber attaches directly to the butterfly dump valve and can be used for removing trub, harvesting yeast, and many other tasks. Since it's made from crystal clear Triton, you'll be able to visually monitor fermentation activity just as you would with a sight glass. Ball lock adapters can be attached to the threaded ports on either side, allowing you to connect oxygenation or carbonation stones, or flush the Flex Chamber with CO2 and use it to inject hops or other ingredients into your conical. Also, a great option for storing yeast! Simply attach a 2" T.C. end cap or PRV and store your harvested yeast in the fridge for your next fermentation.

Pressure Pack with Clear Float Technology
Adding pressure capability will allow you to ferment, carbonate, and even serve all in one vessel. The Pressure Pack features the unique Clear Float Technology racking tube that can be used for taking samples, transferring to keg, or serving finished beer. This innovative feature draws beer from the top down, which means you’re always pulling the clearest, most sediment-free beer possible. Using pressure to draw a sample from the floating dip tube will also eliminate the tiny bit of oxygen that would be injected into your beer every time the traditional sample valve is opened.

Pressure transferring from fermenter to keg is the best way to protect your beer from oxygen when it’s at its most vulnerable state. Kegging could be considered the final hurdle in the brewing process, where limiting oxygen exposure is critical. This could mean the difference between your beer tasting great for months or tasting great for a week. Don’t take any chances. Use the Pressure Pack to keg from the top down and leave sediment behind.

Other Features You’ll Love:

  • Downward-facing Blowoff U Barb prevents blow off tubing from kinking and is much easier to remove and clean than a fixed stainless blow off
  • Internally etched volume markers in gallons and liters
  • Stainless steel lid clamp with single-piece molded silicone gasket
  • In our GEN 2 redesign we've added two more 1.5" T.C. ports to the cone and body for additional flexibility with current and upcoming product add-ons

Optional Upgrades

  • BrewBuilt Kit for Fermenting Under Pressure (Required to ferment or seal/cap an X2 with an active fermentation)
    The Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) that comes with the conical is not sufficient for fermentation as it can become clogged with Krausen. To ferment or seal/cap an active fermentation requires the use and safety of the Pressure Fermentation Kit. This no-compromises kit includes the same hardware you will find on a commercial unitank, including a dedicated pro level spunding valve, a sealed pressure gauge, and a dedicated commercial PRV. Read more about these key hardware features in the kit copy. Also included is liquid Foam-Axe which helps reduce Krausen. Please read and follow all special instructions that come with the kit as well as your instruction manual. 
  • Hop Bong Oxygen-Free Dry Hopping Device
    The Hop Bong is a versatile pressurizable tri-clamp accessory that is perfect for purging oxygen from your dry hops before dropping them into your fermenter. Load up the Hop Bong, flush it with CO2, purge out oxygen with the handy PRV on top, then simply open the Butterfly Valve to inject your beer with a 6 oz payload of dry hops.
  • High Roller Caster Set
    Go mobile with this heavy-duty caster set. Your fermenter moves around the brewery a lot, so why not give it some glide? Roll from sanitizing to kettle transfer to keg transfer to cleaning with minimal effort. Moving a stainless conical around can be taxing. Give your back a break and upgrade your conical with a set of rolling casters.
  • IceMaster Max 2
    Built to pair perfectly with the IceMaster Max 2 Glycol chiller. Easily and efficiently control your fermentation temperature and cold crash for conditioning and clarifying.

X2 Jacketed Uni Conical Features:

  • External Cooling Jacket with 1.5" Tri-Clamp connections
  • Pressure Pack with Clear Float, a floating dip tube that draws beer from the top down. 
  • Flex Chamber, a clear, pressure capable bottom jar that allows you to see fermentation, remove trub and connect additional accessories
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Mirror polish finish
  • Interior welds are the best in the business - uniquely ground and polished 
  • (3) Horizontal welded cone ports
  • (1) 4" TC Lid Opening
  • (2) 1.5" TC Lid Openings
  • 2" TC bottom dump with 2" TC butterfly valve
  • 1.5" Thermowell for inserting thermal probe
  • Strong welded in place handles 
  • (4) Adjustable feet
  • Silicone tube for blow off
  • Stainless lid clamp & one piece molded gasket
  • Built-in 15 psi PRV (Not sufficient for fermentation - optional Pressure Fermentation Kit required for pressure fermentations)

Installation Note: The Pressure Pack's Clear Float floating dip tube is sized to fit all models of the BrewBuilt Conical. Depending on the size of your fermenter, you may need to shorten the silicone tube for better performance. When installed on your empty fermenter, you ideally want the dip tube to hang freely with just enough length for the end of the dip tube to touch the bottom of the tank.




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MoreFlavor Store
I wanted to ferment in this
Steven S on Feb 21, 2023
The cooling jacket and the stability of four feet.
Stephen F on Jan 24, 2023
I wanted to ferment in this
Steven S on Feb 21, 2023
It's jacketed
David Merrit Coy on Jan 25, 2023
The cooling jacket and the stability of four feet.
Stephen F on Jan 24, 2023
It's jacketed
David Merrit Coy on Jan 25, 2023
How well does the jacket control temps for half batches, since it only cools the straight side and not the cone?
Miroslav Kosta on Aug 26, 2022
If I get a 14 gallon Jacketed X2 but only brew half a batch, will I be able to get it cold?
Jon Brady on Sep 21, 2022
BEST ANSWER: I am currently fermenting my first five gallon batch (right at the five gallon mark) in a 14 gallon X2 conical hooked up to a glycol chiller and can confirm that cooling anything five gallons or less is a bit of a struggle. Maintaining even fermentation temps through the rapid growth phase of fermentation isn't a problem, but I highly doubt cold crashing or lagering will be an option. My recommendation is that if you primarily make batches in the 5-5.5 gallon size, go with the smaller model.
Is there a spec sheet available? At a minimum, I'm looking for the following information for the 7 gal X2: height without casters, nominal width (ex legs), max width (diagonal across legs), volumes to each port, volume to bottom of the jacketed section.
Jason Cox on Aug 26, 2022
What additional equipment (TC fittings) will be required to connect to my current non-TC system and my Ice Master 2 chiller? Is there a list of included components?
Pickering, Richard on Oct 10, 2022
BEST ANSWER: There's a Brew Built insulated hose kit available on this site, this works well with 1/2" OD hose barb to 1.5" TC adapters and then you just need the clamps and gaskets themselves.
I'm not certain what the Ice Master 2's output barb sizes are so you might need an adaptor if not 1/2"
Is this pressure rated to higher than 15 psi with a higher pressure prv?
Ryan Turner on Aug 25, 2022
Has there been any update to the lid design after rollout? A lot of influencers and reviewers are showing significant concerns regarding the clamp and threads being too short.
Casey Alderson on Dec 21, 2023
BrewBuilt® X2 Jacketed Uni Conical Fermenter
BrewBuilt® X2 Jacketed Uni Conical Fermenter
BrewBuilt® X2 Uni Conical Fermenter
BrewBuilt® X2 Uni Conical Fermenter
How well does this cool relative to the uni+ with the coolstix (7 gal version)?
Jon Brady on Sep 12, 2022
Will they eventually sale leg extensions for this?
Roger Gardenhire on Feb 6, 2023
BEST ANSWER: The Leg Extensions for Ss BrewTech Chronicals - 14 gal. & 1/2 bbl FE814E work perfectly on my X2 14gal. No more sitting on the floor to work with the flex chamber. They are quite strong and don't need additional cross bracing. It's very steady even rolling it across the floor on casters.
Can I chill my wort in the fermenter using the glycol chiller instead of a counterflow chiller?
John Ahlberg on May 17, 2023
BEST ANSWER: The short answer to this question is yes. But I've been reluctant to do it. Splashing really hot water into your fermenter could introduce oxygen and cause hotside aeration, which will oxidize your beer more quickly. Some say hotside aeration is a myth. I've never taken the chance. You could probably get away with doing it if you tranferrred your wort from the boil kettle to the fermenter very, very slowly, atleast until the tubing outlet is submerged under the wort.
passivation. Should the fermenter be treated with an acid before use? If so what acid and how strong?
Lance Shipman on Feb 24, 2023
BEST ANSWER: Barkeeper's Friend is an excellent passivating agent. Do not leave on for more than a minute or two, and rinse thoroughly.
What are the dimensions of this unit?
Kenneth Hallenberg on Dec 7, 2023
When fully constructed, how much does the 14 g unit weigh empty?
John Ahlberg on Mar 11, 2023
What is the vessel rating for max pressure for fermentation?
Jeff Pedderson on Sep 13, 2023
BEST ANSWER: The Jacketed X2 conicals are rated for 15psi max, and protected by a pressure relief valve similar to the corny PRVs on the domed lid. MoreBeer strongly recommends using their BrewBuilt Kit for Fermenting Under Pressure (CONP728) to conduct pressurized fermentation. The pressure relief pathway in the small built-in PRV has a risk of clogging with yeast and trub matter if you have a very active foamy fermentation (or overfill the conical). While the kit is pricey, it's top-notch and good insurance that you won't create a hazardous over-pressure situation that could rupture the conical and potentially inflict personal injury.
Is the optional upgrade (PRV) needed to use this as a normal primary? Or does "ferment under pressure" mean fermenting while pressurized with co2?
Peter Bokma on Dec 3, 2023
BEST ANSWER: You do not need the optional PRV to ferment with out pressure. Fermenting under pressure means to use a spunding valve and ferment with the CO2 from the yeast trapped in the fermenter. When you ferment with out pressure you will have a tube come off the blow off arm on the top into a bucket of sanitizer and that is where the CO2 will exit the fermenter.

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Rated 4 out of 5
X2 Jacketed Conical is fantastic! With a caveat.
Top quality at a fair price. Components are all heavy duty and easy to use. Great for dropping trub, harvesting yeast and employing temp control with optional glycol chiller and heat belt components.

I'd rate it 5-star, except I can't maintain pressure in the vessel due to gas leak at the gasketed interface between the conical and it's domed lid. MoreBeer sent a replacement gasket - which slowed the leak rate - but it still doesn't hold pressure :-( Probably the steel band not being able to evenly distribute force on the gasket.
It's advertised as supporting pressure fermentation, but not if the gasket doesn't hold internal pressure.
September 14, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Has potential but...
The welds and few other quality issues concern me and the legs are so close together it's hard to operate the butterfly dump valve. The butterfly valve is hard to open and close. The Flex Chamber is a challenge to use also due to the leg spacing so using it often results in a mess. I wonder how long the lid clamp will last before being stretched out. All that said, when it is combined with the BrewBult chiller, and the 80 heat wrap, the thing operates perfectly. Cools extremely fast and keeps the termperature right where I want it. Cold crashing is quick and easy. No messy cooling coil to clean after kegging. While I like the product, it could be improved. I think the next version of this will be better.
April 27, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
These are tricky to keep pressurized but the jacket is fantastic.
March 15, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Minor adjustment to the neoprene jacket needed
Shipping and set up is cake. The only true negative is the fitment of the neoprene jacket, one of the holes for the glycol jacket was cut too high so it's bulging away from the tank between the two glycol ports. the design is great don't get me wrong, all the Velcro sections at the cone made it really easy to adjust and make nice and snug.
February 24, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Jacketed at a decent price has finally arrived
For years I've been looking for a jacketed conical that doesn't break the bank. When I saw the X2 series announced back in the fall, I had a pre-order in immediately.

I'll start with the positives. Obviously, the jacket is the main selling point on these. It does not disappoint. The cooling surface area is several times larger than even the biggest coils. In fact, it pulls heat out so quickly, my chiller (a repurposed laboratory water bath chiller) is now the weakest link.

The internal mirrored finish is flawless. The interior welds have been ground and polished to the point of invisibility. There is truly no place for any nasties to hide.

The number of ports available is excellent. With the pressure pack lid, there's 2 ball lock connectors, the large 4" tri-clamp port, and 3 - 1.5" tri-clamp ports, just on the lid. Plus, the 3 - 1.5" tri-clamp ports in the cone. Oh, and the 2" dump port at the bottom.

I do have a few critiques, however.

Whoever is packaging these things needs some better quality control. Mine arrived with the wrong size gasket for the 4" tri-clamp on the lid, and the pressure pack was missing the gas side dip tube (fortunately I had a spare). MoreBeer was quick to correct any issues though, so it wasn't a big deal.

As nice as the interior welds are, the exterior welds look a little rough in some places. Perfectly functional, but not the prettiest. They will mostly be covered by the included neoprene jacket (an extra cost for other brands), so also not really a big deal.

I could do without the collection jar. It's pretty darn big and seems difficult to use without making a mess and/or oxidizing the heck out of your beer. The pressure pack seems promising, although I haven't had a chance to do a transfer with it yet. The tubing and screen seem like another potential infection point, but time will tell. If I had a choice, I would probably prefer to have a real racking arm instead.

All in all, I'm happy with it. I'm sure the other jacketed options on the market are nice, but at this price point, this is one to get.
February 22, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Yeah. It's pretty great.
My Review for the 7g X2 Jacketed Fermemter by a novice (3 year/~50 brew) home brewer. Also in the honeymoon phase for this thing, so... grains of salt where applicable.

The Pros:
- More Options than in Gradius. Does absolutely everything you want with room to do stuff you don't even know you want to do yet.
- No annoying coils to manage/clean for the same $ as other competing Unitanks (this was the biggest selling point for me).
- Flawless mirror polish on the inside. It's almost hypnotic.
Advise not letting your friend on chemicals stare into it.
- Way less $ than other small jacketed conicals with nearly identical features.
- Great Johnny-on-the-spot MoreBeer/BrewBuilt support.
- Surmountable learning curve for a noob.
- BB Butterfly Valve Handles perfect size for this 7g.
- Jacket keeps beer temps rock steady via chiller. On my first go I got +/- 1 f with my "glycol chiller" contraption I duct taped and chickenwire'd (literally) together.
- Can probably fit in your upright or side-by-side fridge if you don't have a chiller... Or when your duct taped and chickenwired chiller explodes.
- BB Casters (not included) are smooth and great.
- Pressure Pack is a nice, useful inclusion.
- Is pretty. Is *very* pretty.

The Meh:
- If you want to do all the things then you must clean all the things.
- Really needs a chiller to shine.
- You're going to want to buy more parts - clamps, spools, butterflies, spunding valves, gages, prv's, Casters, CIP parts, maybe leg extensions someday, etc. (Read: you're not done spending money by getting this).
- Not sold yet on the floating dip tube, but racking arms are cheap.
- Not sold yet on the soda bottle caps on the collection cup accessory ports.
- 2 small missing/wrong parts out of the box (resolved quickly by support).
- Lid gasket doesn't seal easy if you're garbage at installing lid gaskets like me.
- Like a lot of tanks, only 1/2 jacketed so going to need a minimum batch amount for better temp control (I avoided the 14g unit since I primarily do 5g batches)

The Cons:
- Costs only a couple bucks more than a hardware store bucket, grommet, and an airlock.
- *Tight* fit for components on the 7g. Need to think about how those components interact together before you assemble.
- High center of gravity (Woah, nelly!)
- (yet) Not tall enough without some sort of leg extensions to mount lots of vertical underbelly accessories (safety vs. feature trade off).
- Unlike the standard X2, no handles to grab onto when moving. Probably wise not to weld pressure points into the jacket
- Basic Lid PRV has no vacuum protection (PRV in spunding Valve kit provides this.. buuuuut).
- BB spunding valve kit is a pricey upgrade.

Ways to improve:
- Increase both stability and features with a wider base especially if an extension leg kit is ever offered.
- Be nice if the stock PRV had vacuum/crush protection

It doesn't get much better than this, but you'll pay for the privilege (but not nearly as much as you used to have to pay).
February 16, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5
Almost perfect
Just got mine. It looks amazing. The weld quality and the finish are awesome. My only qualm is the the measurement markings are a bit faded (but I never use them anyway}.
February 10, 2023
1 year ago