“My mission is to help make
the world more flavorful –
one glass, mug or cup at a time.”
– Olin Schultz,
Co-Founder, CEO
My passion for flavors and aromas began as a highly impressionable kid hanging around the kitchen while my mom whipped up an amazing variety of tasty dishes. 
Being naturally inquisitive, I wondered: how does a dish change when a certain ingredient is added? Or taken away? My mom was happy to show me how much fun it is to experiment and find out where the flavors come from, how they can be blended, and much more – the magic of culinary chemistry.

Once Out in the World, My First Love Was Beer.


Not for the intoxication, though I had my share in college, as much as the incredible varieties of tastes and smells that can be created through the adventure of experimentation. My brother Darren caught the bug, too, and in 1995 we established our first company: Beer, Beer & More Beer™.
Three years later Chris Graham, a longtime customer, joined us and brought the tech-savvy that Darren and I lacked. In fact, to this day all three of us contribute different skills that complement one another 
Wine was next to capture our imaginations, leading to a company called Wine, Wine & More Wine™ (sense a theme here?). In addition to offering wine-making equipment, we actually ran a small winery for several years. We made wine from different regions and learned intimately about the products we sell.   
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I Deeply Appreciate the Social Connections
Formed by These Universally Popular Beverages.
For very good reasons humans have, for many thousands of years, centered so much of their energy producing beer, wine, and coffee. Think of all the rituals and celebrations, the way these drinks unite people, and how they’re at the core of the human experience – indeed, what it means to enjoy life. 
Even After 25 Years it Never Gets Old.
Oddly enough, the challenges today seem fresher than ever. That’s because with experience I’ve found that we can go deeper than before and create ever-better products, which is extremely exciting and satisfying. There’s no end to the possibilities for both the company and the customers we serve.
Keep the Flame Alive.
I want to encourage you to keep trying things out, getting a little crazy, and having fun doing it. Sometimes it’s a happy accident that leads to a terrific new creation. More often, though, those great new products are evidence of the skills and confidence you’ve developed over time.
We love to give enthusiasts like you assistance, education, and advice when asked for. We’re all in this together – and what a fantastic place it is to be!