Wyeast Liquid Ale Yeast

Wyeast Liquid Beer Yeast is available at MoreBeer! in 30 different varietals, ranging from the extremely popular American Ale, to the lesser known West Yorkshire Ale. They have strains to accompany almost any recipe you could create! American Wheat yeast is a top-cropping yeast that produces a dry, crisp beer. American Wheat yeast is well suited for wheat beers when a low ester profile is what you're after. Wyeast's London yeast is a rich, mineral-focused profile that is bold and crisp with some fruitiness that's often employed in higher gravity ales. Bavarian Wheat yeast produces apple, pear, and plum esters in addition to its banana character. Its esters are complemented by clove and vanilla phenolics. Kolsch yeast will exhibit some of the fruity character of an ale, with a clean profile like a lager.