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MoreHaze! Juicy Double IPA - Extract Beer Kit

MoreHaze! Juicy Double IPA - Extract Beer Kit

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MoreHaze! is a declicious, juicy, NE style double IPA.  This beer was brewed as a collaboration between EJ Phair Brewing Co. and MoreBeer!  We liked the beer so much that we wanted people to be able to brew it at home.  

The beer is very high in alcohol (9.5% ABV), low in bitterness, light in color and loaded with hops.  We dry hopped this beer in multiple stages, added lots of high protein grains and did not use any clarifying agents, which leads to a hazy beer loaded with flavor.  Flavor and aroma is very citrusy (orange, tangerine, grapefruit) and mildly danky.  The large addition of wheat and oats adds a soft, pillowy texture to the beer.  The feed back was that this beer is delicious and dangerously easy to drink at such a high ABV.

  • Makes 5 gallons
  • Estimated Original Gravity:1.083-1.086
  • SRM (Color Range): 4.4
  • IBU's: 32
  • Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 9.5%

Our recipe kits DO NOT include grain bags or yeast. The recommended yeast(s) can be found below. All grains will come milled.

WLP066 - White Labs London Fog
WLP095 - White Labs Burlington Ale
GY054 - Gigayeast Vermont IPA
IYA38 - Imperial Juice


Item # KIT1600
Shipping Eligible for Free Shipping Program
Availability California - In Stock
Pennsylvania - Out Of Stock
Weight 15LBS
ABV %9.50%
Beer StyleIPA & Imperial IPA
Ready to Drink Within2-4 Weeks
Alcohol ContentVery High (9%+)
BitternessMedium (26-45ibu)
Fermentation Temp Range64-72
Brewing MethodExtract
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Tried Samuel Adams new NE IPA and it was really good and looked for something of similar style to brew at home.
Jon P on Nov 27, 2018
One of the best kits I've made.
Brad P on Nov 17, 2018
Tried Samuel Adams new NE IPA and it was really good and looked for something of similar style to brew at home.
Jon P on Nov 27, 2018
I love hazy IPAs, but have yet to brew one.
Edward P on Nov 17, 2018
One of the best kits I've made.
Brad P on Nov 17, 2018
Like beer
Michael S on Nov 17, 2018
Look amazing. Recommended by a friend that bought it.
Chris F on Oct 27, 2018
hop bill
Ron R on Oct 23, 2018
Sounds good
Phil E on Oct 3, 2018
I love strong beer.
Rick F on Sep 5, 2018
The first time I brewed this kit was a huge hit. Tapped a 5 gallon keg at dinner on Thursday. It was kicked Sunday night. I had help though...
John Coughlin on Aug 24, 2018
Juicy Double is a cut name.
Jennifer C on Aug 20, 2018
Looks good
Andrew C on Aug 18, 2018
Love the hazy IPA's and this looked awesome to make.
Garrett C on Aug 14, 2018
Looking to do a hazy IPA and the have never done a double either
Michael S on Aug 7, 2018
Looks very interesting!
Craig T on Aug 3, 2018
Saw an online coupon BEERDEAL but it didn't work. Sniffle
John Coughlin on Jul 27, 2018
Looks like a nice high ABV double IPA
Big J on Jul 25, 2018
for fun
Edward K on Jul 9, 2018
love the citrus double IPA!
Benjamin H on Jun 26, 2018
Recommended by friend
Ken B on Jun 26, 2018
Love the juice and am turning other people on to NE style IPA’s
Josh Young on Apr 26, 2018
It's delicious
Matthew A on Apr 5, 2018
I've tried several NE-style IPA recipes and have yet to find a good one. Hoping this one is it!
Craig L on Mar 27, 2018
Love high gravity IPAs
Arthur Cardinal l on Mar 16, 2018
New kit to try
Daniel S on Mar 16, 2018
Love juicy ipas
Robert D on Mar 5, 2018
I want to make a NE ipa
Joshua B on Feb 16, 2018
Brewed a 1 Gallon batch want to try a 5 this time
Dominic L on Feb 9, 2018
This is a present for my boyfriend who loves Hazy IPAs. Looks delicious and hopefully will be fun to brew.
Valued C on Feb 2, 2018
I like citrus smooth drinking low bitter high octane IPA's
Joe H on Jan 31, 2018
Wanted to brew a NE IPA
Adam J on Jan 26, 2018
IPA What could be better! Review soon to follow.
Steven A. Johnson on Jan 23, 2018
I love hazy IPAs, but have yet to brew one.
Edward P on Nov 17, 2018
Like beer
Michael S on Nov 17, 2018
What is the recipe for this beer? I'd like to look before I order it.
AJ T on Mar 7, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately because this is a proprietary recipe we can only give out the specific ingredients list after purchase. There are some very good hints in the description. Its a great beer to make.
Does this require secondary fermentation?
Jordan L on Apr 15, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I spit this recipe into two batches using one Plastic fermenter and did not use secondary fermentation, beer turned out very good at above 9%abv very smooth and still a lot of hop flavour. If you don't have the equipment you can just leave it in for the additional time. Enjoy
I am a new to this. Do i remove the dry hops after days 3-7 in the primary and same for secondary? or do i just leave them in?
MICHAEL MIRELES on Mar 6, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I left the dry hops in both the primary and secondary. Seeing that this is a double IPA the trub was quite thick at the bottom for both the primary and secondary. I transferred to keg however i transferred to much trub and it clogged my line. Once I figured it out I transferred to another keg. I Let it carbonate for about 5 days and got a glass. Very tastie with a good kick of hops.
Can i add an additional 3 bags (16 oz) of priming sugar to the boil to boost abv? Not bottling and have leftovers
John Coughlin on Sep 14, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, you can add priming sugar to increase the ABV. I often keep some light DME handy if I my post boil gravity is not where it should be and add it to hit my target OG (make sure your wort is still above 180-190 when you add it and stir it well to dissolve). DME willl have a different effect (color and flavor) than priming sugar, but no big deal. Use it.
I added the first round of dry hops in a sanitized muslin bag. Do I do the second round of dry hops with the first still in my fermenter or take the first out? I am using an SS Brewtech 7 gallon brew bucket and NOT transferring to secondary.
John Coughlin on Aug 7, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Attempting to take the bag out at this point will only add to chances of bacterial growth. Add your second dry hop and remove them both when you're ready to bottle/keg
Do I bottle after 14 days with this recipe? I'm use to waiting a month before I bottle extracts. Thanks
Herman Touchin on Jul 8, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I wait until it stops working in the fermentation bucket and then bottle. Normally takes a couple of weeks plus/ minus a day or two.
The directions are a bit unclear: Should I be transferring to a secondary after 5 days? This seems a little early, but that is how I'm reading the instructions. Also, would it be recommended to dry hop within a bag, or just right in?
Tristan Jones on Sep 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello Tristan - In the directions we are referring to secondary as post fermentation. It is not necessary to rack the beer and move to another vessel. Concerning dry hop additions, I have found best results in not using a bag and pitching right in.
I brewed this on August 25. Without a starter, I pitched one pack of gigayeast directly into it (appx 3 months from manufacture date). I took an original gravity reading around 1.070. Fermenting did not start for 24-36 hours but now there is thick Krausen and lots of activity but still no air bubbles in airlock and I have sealed the lid in case it was leaking. Should I pitch more yeast at this point or just let it go?
James miller on Aug 27, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hi James - If a thick krausen is present, there may still be a leak somewhere.
1st brew ever. Took about 12 hrs to start seeing real action in my blow off (using SS Brew Bucket). Fermented like crazy for 4 days. Changed blow off jar because 1st one was getting nasty. Careful to sanitize everything. Noticed later that day fermenting slowed to crawl. Day 5 added 2nd dry hops. No more krausen at top and color looked dark. Seemed like i saw some action again for a bit then stopped. Tomorrow is Day 6. Is my beer going to be okay?? Advice please!!!
John Coughlin on Aug 8, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hi John - Sounds like you have a great fermentation going and nothing to worry about. Dry hopping will increase activity in your blow of from the hops releasing absorbed co2 in the beer, these nucleation points will also break down the build up of krausen. Sounds like you have a great beer on the way and nothing to worry about.
What is the FG supposed to be? I'm stuck at 1.040 and put in primary over a week ago. Can i still add another yeast?
MICHAEL MIRELES on Mar 14, 2018
BEST ANSWER: You want it to be around 1.008-1.012 so possibly rousing the yeast gently, adding another high gravity yeast strain to lower that FG or warming the fermentr up so that the yeast can finish things up.
How much yeast should I use for this recipe and what kind?
Justin Depelteau on Feb 21, 2018
BEST ANSWER: For any recipe that has an estimated abv of over 6% we recommend using a yeast starter or two packets of yeast.

Check this out- https://www.morebeer.com/content/yeast_pitch_calculator

4.4 / 5.0
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Good Brew
Very nice kit. Easy to make. Very forgiving recipe. Use a higher end yeast (it gives you a better beer....duh). This beer does benefit from a second fermentation (due to settling of hops and yeast). Brewed this in glass carboys, if you use plastic buckets be aware that there are a lot of biologicals (hops) that might find their way into scratches in your buckets and create "skunk" brew in your next batch. Beer tastes great, great HAZY color and texture, nice alcohol content, without a "boozy" taste. This brew is definitely in the top 20% of beer I have made. I recommend it Highly!
September 14, 2018
4 months ago
This is absolutely my favorite brew I’ve made so far. I absolutely recommend making this outstanding nectar of the gods.
August 22, 2018
4 months ago
This was my first ever homebrew. I missed the mark on the OG (1.075) I assume because I couldn't get all the LME out of the two bags. I pitched two packs of gigayeast and about 15 hours later it took off. Dry hopped as scheduled and left them in. Airlock activity was done by day 4 which worried me a bit. Day 11 I took a gravity reading. It was 1.009 (8.7% abv). I cold crashed in my SS brew bucket and transferred to a keg on day 12. I force carbed and starting drinking on day 13. It was delicious and dangerously smooth.
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August 17, 2018
4 months ago
Response from MoreFlavor
August 20, 2018
Zach R Staff
A Really Good Beer
I love NEIPAs and was excited to make this one. The flavor is fantastic with some strong hop flavors and aromas but less bitter than most other IPAs.
The cons, it tended to be darker than I would have wanted but no biggie. NEIPAs are traditionally cloudy and this one was very cloudy, this is due to all the dry hopping. I did use muslin bags to add the hops but there was still a tremendous amount of trub. I felt I lost a significant amount of beer to the huge amount of trub in the bottom of my carboy.
Overall, I love the beer. I am glad I made it but I think I will be trying my hand at a different NEIPA recipe soon.
July 16, 2018
6 months ago
Response from MoreFlavor
Great review. New England IPAs are definitely a practice of inefficiency.
July 31, 2018
Zach R Staff
Not right
Not sure I got exactly what I was suppose to. There beer turned out an amber color. I followed the recipe exactly. My first thought when I opened one was it was oxidized, but from the time I poured the extract in the wort was always this color.
July 13, 2018
Response from MoreFlavor
Hey so sorry about your experience. We try very hard to create the best experience for our customers and provide quality products. Please give us a call at 1-800-600-0033 or email us at info@moreflavor.com so that we can assist you. We are here to help. Cheers!
July 16, 2018
Zach R Staff
Juice Bomb!
First time home brewing and this on has got me hooked! This NE DIPA has one of the best noses on it that i have ever smelled. The hop aromatic profile was on point. The flavor was a bit more muted. Has a soft mouthfeel. I may just buy this one again just to mess around with the dry hopping to see how much it changes the flavor profile.
Poor lighting due to time of day but has a bright orange color.
Poor lighting due to time of day but has a bright orange color.
June 27, 2018
7 months ago
I really liked the beer although it came out much darker than the picture shows. 9.4% ABV.
June 7, 2018
8 months ago
If you like juicy NEPIA's, great kit
This is my 3rd homebrew to date, and the whole process went off without a hitch. It's awesome to brew a beer that I find incredibly tasty, and everyone else who tries it feels the same: "*You* brewed this?!" ;)
My OG came in significantly lower than what was posted (1.083-1.086): 1.075. Maybe I didn't get enough of the extract out of the bag? (I even warmed it first). This was also my first time using a yeast starter (with GigaYeast Double Pitch - GY054 Vermont IPA Yeast), and I think that helped get the FG down to 1.012 =8.27% ABV, with a calculated 84% attenuation, not at all bad.
It's super floral, super juicy, makes me think of orange juice. Bitter is on the low end, which is great for my tastes, but them smells and flavors are all over the place.
Obviously this leaves a ton of hop-trub in the fermenter: I use a conical FastFerment, and this was the first time I had to siphon out of that to a bottle bucket: The collection ball&valve would just get too clogged up with the stuff to be used effectively.
But at the end of the day, it turned out great, highly recommended if you'er into this type of beer.
May 29, 2018
7 months ago
This beer is next level amazing!
So much so that even with 12 taps this is my go to pour. I’m on my 5th batch of this awesome in a glass in under three months. First time brewing I did a single kit....next two times did 10 gallon batches so there is always a keg of it available to drink. I always double pitch London ale 3 wyeast. And two times added an additional 1 ounce of citra and 1ounce of mosaic CRYO hops as a last dry hop addition. These are dropped right to the unitanks, as I can dump them before kegging.

If your on the fence and like IPAs this should be your first NEIPA. Click the buy button and prepare to be amazed with the results.

May 23, 2018
10 months ago
Great high gravity NEIIPA
Great kit. First time double dry hopping and didn't take absorption loss and end up low on final volume. Overall a great deal.
User submitted image
User submitted image
User submitted image
May 19, 2018
9 months ago