CellarScience™ CALI Dry Yeast

CellarScience™ CALI Dry Yeast

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The classic American ale strain that has a long history of producing amazing beers. Famous for its clean, neutral flavor and its ability to be used in any nearly any style. The reason this is the most popular strain in homebrewing and craft brewing is that it allows malt and hops to shine. You can never go wrong with CALI.  Like all CellarScience yeast, CALI is eligible for direct pitch straight into your wort. CellarScience provides 12g of yeast per sachet, which is up to 9% more than any other brand of dry yeast. Every batch of yeast is PCR tested to ensure quality. CALI has been selling to pro breweries for awhile but was just recently packaged down to sachets for homebrewers. 

Use at a rate of 12 grams per 5-6 gallons of wort.

Direct Pitch OR Rehydrate:
CALI yeast can be direct pitched with great results by sprinkling it onto the surface of the wort in your fermenter. However, proper hydration helps ensure a healthy fermentation and is especially recommended for beer with a starting gravity above 15°P (1.061 SG). To hydrate yeast, first sanitize the yeast pack and a pair of scissors. Boil tap water to sterilize and then cool to 85-95°F (29-35°C). Use 10 grams (0.35 oz) of water per gram of yeast. Sprinkle the yeast onto the water, allow the slurry to stand undisturbed for 20 minutes, and then swirl. Use small amounts of wort to adjust the temperature of the slurry to within 10°F (6°C) of the wort temp before pitching. Ferment between 59-72°F (15-22°C).

Optimum Fermentation Temp: 59-72°F
Flocculation: Medium
Similar Strains: WLP001 California, WY1056 American, US-05 American Yeast

CellarScience Yeast:
For years liquid yeast has been sold as the higher quality option but times are changing. Yes, 20 years ago dry yeast was made by bread yeast producers and the quality was not as good as liquid yeast. CellarScience is helping to flip that script with the release of five high quality dry yeasts. Cell count and viability is usually higher than commercial liquid yeast pitches, which vary from pouch to pouch and don't ship well. CellarScience yeast can be pitched directly in most batches of wort, offering significant time savings. Yeast that is quick and easy to use, high quality, and available at a reasonable cost adds up to a tremendous value. Quality yeast that doesn't "break the brink".

CellarScience Nutrients:
For high gravity ferments consider rehydrating yeast with CellarScience FermStart yeast hydration nutrient. For high gravity or low nutrient wort, feed your fermentation with CellarScience FermFed DAP Free complex yeast nutrient mix.


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Trying something different than US.05
Greg B on Jul 4, 2020
worked very well
George P on Jun 30, 2020
Trying something different than US.05
Greg B on Jul 4, 2020
JULIAN B on Jul 1, 2020
worked very well
George P on Jun 30, 2020
Testing it out for first time
Tom on Jun 24, 2020
low cost clean yeast
Jamie Moore on Jun 24, 2020
Have not used it before
Robert M on Jun 20, 2020
Trying something new.
andrew on Jun 19, 2020
Try something new. Good Price.
Ryan K on Jun 19, 2020
to make beer
Mark W on Jun 19, 2020
Wanted to stock up on dry yeast
Donald s on Jun 17, 2020
Thought I'd try it. Usually use Safale
Terry R on Jun 17, 2020
wanted to try this
Stephen S on Jun 12, 2020
Wanted to try
Jon C on Jun 10, 2020
Paul R on Jun 5, 2020
Why not
steve romley on Jun 4, 2020
Alternate to Safale 5
Michael V on Jun 4, 2020
short description shows it's close to correct style.
John K on Jun 3, 2020
Value & quality
Thomas Jansen J on Jun 2, 2020
Safeale not available
Kenneth S on May 30, 2020
New to brewing, promoted product
Brian C on May 30, 2020
Eager to try it in a pale ale.
Richard Schmittdiel on May 29, 2020
Sounded like a nice yeast to try
Hartley C on May 28, 2020
Nicholaus A D on May 28, 2020
wanted to try it
Carl S on May 26, 2020
want my beer to ferment
Cameron C on May 26, 2020
few to choose from
Wes B on May 25, 2020
Recommendation from Michael
David D on May 24, 2020
Jeffery L on May 23, 2020
wanted to try new yeast
Matthew B on May 22, 2020
Good results with dry yeast
Ned T R on May 22, 2020
good price, give it a try
Jamie S on May 21, 2020
Safale was OOS
Brennan M on May 21, 2020
out of other type i use.
Jason W on May 20, 2020
Will try this as slightly cheaper US-05 alternative
Ron A on May 20, 2020
Curious never tried
Butch k on May 20, 2020
That's what is available
Christopher D on May 20, 2020
looks good
Thomas D on May 19, 2020
New to me, needed dry yeast
A.J. J on May 19, 2020
New product worth a try
Joseph S on May 18, 2020
fermenting wort
Kevin S on May 18, 2020
Trying it out
Mark D on May 14, 2020
cheapest option
Isaac M on May 14, 2020
Recommended from kit
Michael G on May 12, 2020
It was one of the recommendations.
Daniel E on May 12, 2020
Good price and wanted to try an alternative yeast.
Thomas Gariety on May 11, 2020
Was lowest price and not knowledgeable on types of yeast
Brian J on May 10, 2020
Wanted to give it a try
Scott O on May 8, 2020
You were out of US-05, so I thought I would try this out.
Matthew Racine on May 7, 2020
Want to see if a good alternative to liquid yeast during a time when shipping waits are long
Billy J H on May 7, 2020
Zack J on May 6, 2020
JULIAN B on Jul 1, 2020
Testing it out for first time
Tom on Jun 24, 2020

4.8 / 5.0
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Great yeast at a great price
Pitched dry on top of wort at 70 F, started in about 12 hours, has smelled very clean so far 4 days into fermentation at 65 F. No esters that I can detect over the hop scent.
July 7, 2020
1 week ago
Excellent dry yeast very happy with the black ipa I made with this yeast
June 29, 2020
1 month ago
Excellent and powerful starter.
Have used dry yeast for the past 30 years, Fermentis was used exclusively in my brewery as well. This is a fine yeast and works itself up quickly and vigorously. Here it is in a Copperhead after just 6 hours. I rehydrated with room temp RO and it went right to work. I had bubbling on just an hour.
Will give taste results but have zero worry it won't be great.
Smells of fresh bread when opening the package.
Up and running
Pushing the envelope
Oofa na Tony, this yeast is oogatz!
June 23, 2020
1 month ago
Strong yeast
Made 2 brews with this yeast so far. And both were bubbling rapidly before morning. Also they got fg down to 1.006 on one and 1.008 on the other.
June 22, 2020
1 month ago
Great Start
Pitched the yeast into some malt I boiled and cooled for a yeast starter. Still going strong after about 18hrs when I pitched into the wort. Fermenting actively now on next day. Nice full 12g packet. We'll see in a few weeks about the taste. My first time trying this yeast.
June 15, 2020
1 month ago
CALI Dry Yeast
I’ve used dry and liquid yeast in the past six years of brewing all grain beers at home. This is the first time I used CALI dry yeast I was very happy with the results. I pitched the yeast late afternoon and had in active fermentation by early the next morning at about 65°. One packet Ezell he handles 5 gallons of wort.
June 12, 2020
1 month ago
Good West Coast Ale Yeast
In comparison to US-05 and WLP001: Started quickly. Good neutral taste. American wheat I brewed turned out great.
June 10, 2020
2 months ago
Easy product to use.
This yeast was fast acting and pretty aggressive at the start.
June 10, 2020
1 month ago
For American Ales
This yeast is very active and ferments completely and quickly.` It fermented not only all of my barley malt, but also most of the specialty malts. I recommend this yeast for cream ales and other light colored ales, but not for any ales that utilize specialty malts. I will not use this in the future because it does not work well with my recipe. It is a good yeast for those wishing to produce an American style beer or cream ale. It works well either with rehydration or sprinkled dry onto the wort.
June 10, 2020
1 month ago
This is a Rock Star of a Good Yeast!
Tried this yeast in a Red Ale hydrated it before addition and the batch took off within a couple of hours, so far so good!! would definitely buy again
User submitted image
Added Jun 9, 2020
June 9, 2020
1 month ago