Duotight Ball Lock Quick Disconnect (QD) - Gas In

Duotight Ball Lock Quick Disconnect (QD) - Gas In

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The humble plastic ball lock disconnect has been around a long time and is used by countless homebrewers around the world.  Despite the extensive use they have seen little to no innovation for decades and KegLand wanted to change this. Enter the Duotight Ball Lock QD. The integrated Duotight design means you can connect your beer and gas line directly, easily and reliably with no need for additional fittings or clamps. It is a robust and super compact design that is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble, making cleaning and sanitizing an absolute breeze!

Made from highly chemical resistant materials with stainless springs and ball bearings (no cheap ABS plastics here) this baby is extremely resistant to commonly used chemicals such as phosphoric based sanitizers and caustics. The incredibly small form factor allows for easy stacking of kegs. The new cap design ensures a pressure seal with just hand tightening and it can be completely taken apart for cleaning with no tools required.

Duotight Ball Lock QDs are offered in three sizes that correspond to the outer diameters seen on our line of EVABarrier Draft Tubing. 

  • 6.35 mm OD – features a very tight 3 mm ID that requires only 3.2 ft of length for adequate flow resistance. This is the ideal size for mobile draft or if you want to keep your kegerator as tidy as possible.
  • 8 mm OD – the most common OD size of EVABarrier tubing. This size comes in two IDs (4 mm & 5 mm) and pairs up with the lion's share of Duotight fittings and accessories. 4 mm ID is our most recommended size for beverage lines, requiring 5-6 ft. lengths. 5 mm ID is commonly used as gas line or when 10-12 ft. beverage lines are required.
  • 9.5 mm OD – suitable for gas lines or long draw beverage lines. At 6.3 mm ID, this size is ideal for beverage lines that will be 20 ft. or longer in length.

Duotight Push-to-Connect
These Duotight ball lock disconnects already have the Duotight fitting built into the ball lock disconnect. No need for additional threaded fittings. Simply push the beer/gas line in and you are done!

The world's most compact ball lock disconnect ever manufactured. This new compact form factor is great for tight spaces or fridges where you want to pack as many kegs in as possible. This is one of the only ball lock disconnects that allows standard ball lock kegs to be double stacked while still connected to beer and gas lines.

Overmolded Poppet
The overmolded poppet design means you can couple and disconnect this ball lock QD under extreme pressures of up to 150 psi (higher than most kegs working pressure) and will never have issues with the o-ring blowing out.

Tool-less Disassembly
Other ball lock disconnects require a tool such as a flat head screw driver or spanner to take them apart for cleaning. The new caps on these allow for easy disassembly by hand, making these easier to break down for cleaning. It's literally never been easier to remove hop particles from your ball lock disconnects.

Extreme Chemical Resistance
No cheap ABS plastic or nitrile seals. This ball lock disconnect is made from stainless spring and ball bearings, with an engineering polyketone resin body, EPDM and PP/EPDM overmolded poppet. This makes the quick disconnect resistant to extreme chemicals such as phosphoric and acetic acid, caustic soda, peroxide and many other acid or base chemicals which are commonly used in homebrewing.

This ball lock disconnect is more robust than any other plastic ball lock disconnect ever manufactured due to the use of new engineering plastics. Don't be fooled by the small form factor — these bad boys are tough!

High Flow
The internal design of these allows for faster flow meaning you can slightly quicker transfers when compared to other plastic ball lock disconnects.


  • Ball Lock Quick Disconnect - Gas In
  • Direct connect EVABarrier tubing
  • Compact design won't interfere with keg stacking
  • Made from highly chemical resistant materials
  • Disassemble by hand for quick and easy cleaning
  • Three sizes available:
    • 6.35 mm (KL24242)
    • 8 mm (KL20756)
    • 9.5 mm (KL20770)


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swapping out older versions and wanted the duotight adapters
John T on Jan 31, 2023
Switching ot
Dale S on Jan 24, 2023
swapping out older versions and wanted the duotight adapters
John T on Jan 31, 2023
low profile
Monty S on Jan 26, 2023
Switching ot
Dale S on Jan 24, 2023
Mikerz28 on Jan 23, 2023
Why not at this point
Greg M on Jan 18, 2023
They are wonderful and worth every penny.
Jonathan W on Jan 15, 2023
I understand it is the best
len t on Jan 11, 2023
To easily differentiate ball locks
James M on Jan 10, 2023
gas transfer
Calvin M on Jan 10, 2023
Great reviews
Toby S on Jan 5, 2023
Michael P on Dec 20, 2022
Converting to push in fittings
Carl Stevens on Dec 16, 2022
Same as above.
Alec B on Dec 16, 2022
more compact
aaron w on Dec 15, 2022
To adapt my CO2 supply for use with DuoTight lines.
Tyler Crawford on Dec 13, 2022
To serve my home brew on my kegerator.
Don on Dec 10, 2022
To convert to John Guest fittings
Elmer N on Dec 6, 2022
Converting from.crimp on fittings to push in fittings.
Carl Stevens on Dec 2, 2022
To attach pressure gauge
Randy S on Nov 30, 2022
Great design compared to my current QDs
Richard J DePas on Nov 16, 2022
Marcus J Ronney on Nov 15, 2022
ease of use
Nobody Important on Nov 12, 2022
Friend recommended duotight as way to go
Bill Paris on Nov 8, 2022
smaller form factor, saw review on 'the homebrew challenge' YT channel
Jeff H on Nov 2, 2022
Malcolm C on Oct 29, 2022
Malcolm C on Oct 29, 2022
just trying to see quality
Travis Nissen on Oct 25, 2022
Ease of use
Jeffrey Z on Oct 24, 2022
Lower profile, believe will have less chance of getting broken.
Eric C on Oct 20, 2022
Simple, easy to use and clean, and reliable.
Clifford W on Oct 14, 2022
To set up my kegging solution
Steven Simpkins on Oct 12, 2022
something new
David P on Oct 3, 2022
Husband asked for his 39th b-day gift
Kaila S on Sep 22, 2022
need more
Daryl on Sep 3, 2022
To get ligher CO2 lines in my fridge. My stainless ones were pulling my sticky cable ties off the wall
DrBubbles on Aug 30, 2022
I like the simple design
Scott on Aug 27, 2022
low profile
John R on Aug 23, 2022
New QD
Santiago W on Jul 30, 2022
to attach gas line to keg
Trevor S on Jul 19, 2022
My current gas QD are barbed
Derek D on Jul 18, 2022
Skips the necessity of certain pieces.
Merlinus Monroe on Jul 8, 2022
need to connect to kegs
Sam W F on Jul 8, 2022
Using 8mm hose means less hose in the kegerator.
William C on Jun 30, 2022
Very impressed with duotight fittings (Kegland) and setting up a 4th tap on my kegerator.
Brad Braddy on Jun 27, 2022
Bought some of these already, love them!
Michael B on Jun 27, 2022
I want to make connects easier and reduce leaks. Hoping this works.
Roy C on Jun 27, 2022
rebuilding my kegerator and a friend uses this and is very happy.
Scott on Jun 20, 2022
need to connect CO2 lines
William K on Jun 14, 2022
low profile
Monty S on Jan 26, 2023
Mikerz28 on Jan 23, 2023

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Rated 3 out of 5
These seem to be a half mm too small or something. Don't get me wrong, they work well, but they are very hard to get on and off compared to other options. I use Torpedo kegs
January 12, 2023
4 months ago
Rated 2 out of 5
Nice but hard to use
these are nice and small factor ball lock but sometimes they are hard to disconnect from the keg post.
December 19, 2022
4 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Worth it
Switching to Duotight was a great call
User submitted image
Added Dec 12, 2022
December 12, 2022
2 months ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Bought 4 and 2 of them leaked so bad they drained an entire CO2 tank. Found the leaks on the top cap seal by dunking it under water. I don’t understand how these could possibly seal without o-ring or some kind of a seal ring.
November 20, 2022
3 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Does its Intended Job Just Fine
These disconnects provide a tight, leak-free, connection. Being able to remove the hose easily for different configurations is also a nice feature. I still use the old-school pin-lock (Coke) disconnects and I've noticed a few things about these disconnects as compared to the pin-locks. First, these are a REALLY tight fit. It'll take some pressure to engage these and pushing on fittings attached to plastic vessels should be done with care. Also, it's nearly impossible for me to engage the inner post to flush with sanitizer. I have to use my pointer finger and the post is tight enough that it gets uncomfortable fast. Much easier (and I can use my thumb) with the pin-locks. I'm sure I'll get used to it and/or find better ways to flush these with sanitizer. Two thumbs up!
November 19, 2022
3 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
They work great! Love how easy it is to disconnect the line to sanitize or clean. Works well with 4mm ID or 5mm ID evabarrier beer/gas line.
Red for gas, yellow for liquid
Red for gas, yellow for liquid
November 15, 2022
3 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great product
Super easy to use and convenient for many needs. I’ll be replacing all my keg lines soon to these as well soon. Easy to set up for transfers, pulling a sample/gravity, or serving.
November 12, 2022
3 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Duotight ball lock QD
Works great. Quick and easy to use with the 8mm tubing.
October 26, 2022
4 months ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Cheap, easy to operate, but too small
Cheap and easy to use, which is great! But ironically, these are too small. I know they're designed to be low-profile but they're actually too small for my big hands to get a good grip on. This makes it really painful to remove them when they get stuck on a post.

Maybe they could use a little handle built-in on the opposite side of the push-to-connect? That way I could get one or two fingers under each side and pull straight up.

Or a removal tool of some sort would also be helpful.
October 25, 2022
4 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Works great
I used to have a problem with other ball locks, and the gasket popping out often. Not a problem with this one due to the different construction. I also feel like it's easier to unlock
August 12, 2022
6 months ago