Robobrew / BrewZilla All Grain Brewing System - 35L/9.25G

Robobrew / BrewZilla All Grain Brewing System - 35L/9.25G

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If you want to jump into all grain brewing right from your first batch, or as an upgrade from malt extract brewing, the Robobrew is a complete turn key solution. The Robobrew is an all-in-one electric brewery that has built in elements for heating and boiling, programmable mash schedule and delayed start, an onboard water resistant control panel for setting and monitoring temperatures, a removable grain basket, and a built in spigot for transfering. It is extremely portable and uses 110v power so it can be used nearly anywhere.

To get the Wort Chiller Connection Kit for free, add the item to your cart along with the Robobrew / BrewZilla and use code ROBOKIT at checkout.

Automatic Step Mashing! 
One of the coolest features of the Robobrew is the ability to program the unit with up to 6 individual temperatures and durations so you can step mash precisely how you desire. Simply press the "S1-S6" button to select the stage you want to adjust, and use the temp, time and +/- buttons to program the stage. If you have less than 6 stages in your mash schedule, program the stages you want to skip with 00:00 as the time and the controller will automatically move on to the next step. When all the stages are complete, the Robobrew will sound an alarm and hold the last set temperature.

The programmable stages can also be used to set a delayed start of up to 23 hours in advance so that you can have your water hot and ready to go when you get home from work or wake up in the morning. In order to do this, fill the unit with strike water and program the controller with two steps. Step 1 should be programmed at a temperature lower than the unheated strike water (so the elements will remain off), and the duration should be programmed for however long you want the delay. Then program Step 2 with your desired strike water temperature and a duration of 1-2 hours, giving the Robobrew ample time to heat up and giving you a margin of error in case you hit the snooze button the morning of brew day. 

Dual heating elements run off of a single 110 volt plug and have individual switches allowing for more control over the heating process. One element is 1000 watts and the other is 500 for a combined 1500 watts! Use both when you need to ramp up the temperature quickly either at the start to get to your mash temp or to go from your mash temp to boiling. Use only one of the elements when you want to hold a temperature.

The digital control panel makes it easy to see the current temperature and set the temperature you want. The digital controller is also water resistant so don't worry about spills or some water dripping down the side. This controller is built for brewing!

The brewery also includes a stainless steel malt pipe with false bottom allowing you to easily shift from mash tun to boil kettle during your brew day. The malt pipe includes a handle to lift it from the RoboBrew and tabs at the base so you can set the malt pipe over the RoboBrew to let the wort drain out. It also has feet at its base to raise the malt pipe slightly off the base and help prevent clogging.

The included stainless wort chillers is shipped with bare ends so you can set it up for your situation. We list below the most common tubing and fittings to connect to a hose, hose bib, or faucet.  

What MoreBeer! loves about this product: Homebrewing is trending in the direction of all-in-one, all-grain brewing systems and the Robobrew is the ultimate value. Being electric and all in one vessel, we can easily say this is absolutely the simplest way to get into all-grain brewing. You can move it around with ease which makes it perfect for guys and gals that have space constraints. The reason to choose this model over the version with the pump is price and simplicity. This unit makes great beer - you certainly do not need a pump and the pump adds some complexity.  All in all a great buy and highly recommended. Please note you will need a few extra pieces of hardware to connect the wort chiller.

For the 35L Robobrew with built-in pump, click here.    

Note: The manual references an element for a different market.  This unit comes with two heating elements for a total of 1,500 watts.

  • Features:

    • Gen 3.0
    • Stainless steel construction
    • 9 gallon total capacity with a finished beer output of 5-6 gallons
    • Digital temperature controller
    • Automatic step mashing with 6 programmable stages
    • 110v power and plug
    • Dual heating elements for total control (1000 watts and 500 watts)
    • Stainless steel 1/2 inch ball valve for draining
    • Immersion wort chiller included
    • Stainless steel malt pipe/basket
    • Stamped in volume markers
    • Glass lid
    • Temperature reads in °F or °C (press and hold temp button for several seconds to adjust)
    • 32.75 in H (with recirculation arm) x 12.5 in D
    • Recommended max. grain bill - 18 lbs
    • Recommended min. grain bill - 8 lbs

      You will Need:
    • 2' of H985 1/2" ID Silicone tubing for sparging and draining.
    • To connect included Chiller: (20') of D1710 1/2" ID beverage tubing (or whatever length required, (3) H950 hose clamps and (1) brass hose by thread adaptor (H508).

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Good reviews
Roger F on Mar 6, 2020
Friend recommendation
Ernesto Bonilla R on Jan 17, 2020
Good reviews
Roger F on Mar 6, 2020
Keith H on Feb 24, 2020
Friend recommendation
Ernesto Bonilla R on Jan 17, 2020
i read good reviws of the product
Antonio J on Jan 10, 2020
Try all grain brewing
Jeff P on Dec 21, 2019
Want to convert my gas all grain system to an electric system and reduce the amount of equipment I have
William C on Dec 4, 2019
cut down on equipment needs for apartment brewing
Laura B on Nov 25, 2019
Step mash setting!
Paul C on Nov 8, 2019
Good reviews
Eric R on Oct 18, 2019
To simplify and speed up my brew day. Went for the non-pumped unit as an external pump will be more versatile
Gian S on Oct 9, 2019
Just seemed the best of the bunch and the step mashing
Brandon W on Oct 5, 2019
Convenience and price
Harold F on Sep 10, 2019
I wanna go electric, seems like a good place to start
L P K on Jul 20, 2019
Tired of stove top. Great reviews.
Joseph O on Jul 3, 2019
Wanted dedicated system for gluten free brewing
Kathlyn W. F on Apr 15, 2019
Tired of so many pots. Upgrade
Valued C on Apr 9, 2019
Good value, good reviews
Bill s on Apr 6, 2019
Dan M on Mar 27, 2019
Because I wanted it.
Jason J on Mar 21, 2019
glenn c on Mar 9, 2019
Larger volume than brewers edge and came with heat exchanger
Eric R W on Mar 4, 2019
You had the best price.
Valued C on Feb 26, 2019
Bigger grain basket then the Mash & Boil
Isaac D on Feb 25, 2019
Carl N on Feb 20, 2019
marvin b on Feb 11, 2019
I wanted a smaller, easier brewing system.
Donald M on Feb 11, 2019
Good price
Alejandro V on Feb 8, 2019
Trying to get away from propane.
Robert B on Jan 31, 2019
Should make my brewing much easier and and have more accurate temp controls. Less lifting and moving too !!!
PETER H on Jan 24, 2019
I love all grain brewing, but I can no longer lift my 13 gal mash tun full of wet grain.
Steven B on Dec 15, 2018
Perfect size electric brewing system that doesn't break the bank.
Matthew A on Oct 1, 2018
Keith H on Feb 24, 2020
i read good reviws of the product
Antonio J on Jan 10, 2020
Can this site gauge be used with the Brewzilla 35L by replacing the existing ball valve with this unit, then screwing the stock ball valve into the sight glass fitting?
Jeff Simpson on Apr 1, 2020
Robobrew / BrewZilla All Grain Brewing System - 35L/9.25G
Robobrew / BrewZilla All Grain Brewing System - 35L/9.25G
Stainless - Weldless Sight Gauge (11 in.)
Stainless - Weldless Sight Gauge (11 in.)
BEST ANSWER: Not without drilling a wider hole. The threading on the bulkhead that comes with the sightglass is wider than the hole that is drilled for the BrewZilla valve. If you don't use the sightglass bulkhead you could unscrew the bulkhead that comes on the valve and use a 1/2" mpt nipple to replace the plug on the sightglass and couple to the back of the ball valve. The sigh glass would practically then be in the middle of the valve.

When using a pump with a sightglass that is in-line with your valve would cause the sight gauge to drop in level and become inaccurate or, at worst, it would cause the pump to suck in air and cavitate or cause extra wear and tear on the unit.
Considering the BrewZilla V3. Can this non-pump version be used with an external pump? Any major improvements in the V3.1?
Rob Waddell on Mar 4, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Can't sepak about the 3.1 version, as I have the 3.0, but I do use it with an external pump (TopsFlo TD5).

I do really like the RoboBrew, but it has not been without challenges. Getting the right grain crush (not too fine), using rice hulls, and doing a full volume mash (BIAB style) are what I've found works best for me. If the mash is too thick, you can end up with all the water in the malt pipe and no liquid draining out. This leads to an "E3" alarm, and the unit will power down.

So in the end, I find it is a great unit for doing 3-4 gallon batches, or possibly 5 gallons if you're brewing something with a lower OG. Expect pretty low brewhouse efficiency as well. I struggle to reach >65%.
Can the Distillation Lid Gasket DS126 be used with the standard RBV3 lid to create an air tight seal for fermentation?
Adam Higdon on Apr 12, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Adam, I do not think you can get an air tight seal, but you really do not need one. I would not ferment in the unit. I'm not sure how you could control the fermentation temperature. And I would not subject the electronics to changes in temperature that could cause condensation on the electronics in a refrigerator.
Where in the unit are the elements located, and are they ultra-low watt density elements?
Jacob Knight on Mar 3, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Jacob - The elements are located underneath the unit and as for the low density question, the information is not evident so I have contacted the manufacturer, recorded your contact information, and once they respond I will reach back out to you.

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Great system! All grain is the way to go...fresh.
April 2, 2020
4 months ago
This has made my brewing day so much better. I can do my brewing anytime and not any worries about inclement weather!
December 29, 2019
7 months ago
Brew day magic
I have been all grain brewing since the 80s and decided to listen to the wife and have less equipment this worked out great had a great brew day brewing a dead ringer IPA easy brew easy cleanup thank you
December 18, 2019
7 months ago
Robobrew less pump.
Used it 1st time to brew up Cream Ale by Erik. After I got used to it it is great. Easy clean up, ready for nnext brew. Only wish element switches had a light to tell you they are on.
July 25, 2019
1 year ago
Very pleased with the Robo bro, I haven’t been brewing long but this is my first all grain brewing the recipe said it was going to be a 9.5% ABV it came out 8% ABV but it was delicious I think I just needed to add more water to the mash but everybody that drank it loved it very pleased with my purchase
April 16, 2019
1 year ago
great machine well thought out have been getting 80 percent efficiency from the system great price we will see how it holds up so far so good
March 25, 2019
1 year ago
Metal Shavings?
Product comes as depicted. Instructions are poor at best. Robobrew hit temperatures and matained a recirculting mash. Sparging is gravity feed but no mechanism to manage the flow. Next time I will leave the mash in and use the spigot to slow the flow to increase sparge efficiency. I expect this will function as a nice mash tun for step mashes. HOWEVER, my first batch was ruined by what appears to metal shavings. See picture. Has anyone else experienced this problem. System was washed with 100 degree soap water for 20 mintues and a similar double rinse cycle. I am reluntant to use it again and lose another $50.
March 15, 2019
1 year ago
Response from MoreFlavor
Hey so sorry about your experience. We apologize for the inconveniences that have been experienced due to the swarf. Please give us a call at 1-800-600-0033 or email us at info@moreflavor.com so that we can assist you. We are here to help. Cheers!
March 18, 2019
Tyler W Staff
Great Countertop All Grain System
I've been brewing on a 10 gallon gravity/pump system with keggles for 7 years and just switched over to the Robobrew (no pump). Not sorry that I skipped the pump. It's nice going back to the vorlauf by hand and keeping a closer eye on the happenings.
Moving to Upstate NY didn't allow me to use my big rig in the unheated garage during the winter, and after the 2nd winter of not brewing I pulled the trigger on this unit. I've brewed each Saturday for the past 3 weeks and am really impressed with the capability and quality of this. 3 all grain batches ~5%ABV each, and this consistently has gotten me 72% efficiency. The timer feature is great, the strike water is hot when I get up, (coffee is ready too), and all I have to do is mash in and stir every 15 minutes or so. The 1000w element does a ramp up to 168 in about 10-15 minutes (while circulating by hand) and then an easy sparge with water from a 5g kettle on the stove. Both elements will get 7.25g to a boil in about 20 minutes.
Easy cleanup of the grain pipe during the boil, leaving only the cooling elements and unit itself to clean after. I've got my brew day down to 5 hours (including 1/2 hour Friday night crushing grains and setting up the Robobrew and water).
I'm keeping my big rig and MB conical setup, but for winter brewing, and going for short batches, this is a great unit.
March 14, 2019
1 year ago
Response from MoreFlavor
Thank you so much for your feedback. We're happy that the Robobrew is working out and that you're really enjoying it. We really appreciate the honesty and value great feedback like this as it helps us improve our products. Cheers!
March 15, 2019
Tyler W Staff
No more pots to clean and I stopped using my stove....love it
February 22, 2019
1 year ago
Response from MoreFlavor
Thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate the honesty and value great feedback like this as it helps us improve our products. Cheers!
February 25, 2019
Tyler W Staff
Much easier brewing !
Works great! Takes out some guess work and a lot of lifting and moving !! Love it so far !!
February 7, 2019
1 year ago