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Homebrew Starter Kits

Making beer at home is easy with our complete ready to go beer making kits!

You’ve always enjoyed trying different types of delicious craft beers, and you’ve finally decided to try your hand at making your own beer at home. Whether you know a bit about brewing or you’re just learning about the process, MoreBeer!’s complete beer making kits are ideal for every type of beginning brewer.

Our home brewing kits come in five different levels, depending on how you want to start.  Want to dip your toes?  The Personal Home Brewery #1 kit is incredibly simple and affordable and comes with everything you need except bottles and a kettle. The Personal Deluxe #2 kit is one step higher, and it contains a carboy and siphon setup instead of a plastic brewing bucket. Our Bottling Deluxe #3  is a great, complete, gift as it include includes everything in our #2 kit plus the bottles and the kettles - everything you need to make beer. Our most popular kit, Bottling Super Deluxe #4 home brew kit,  includes the supplies from Personal Deluxe #2 but also comes with a large brewing kettle and a wort chiller to make the whole process easier!  The Top of the line Super Deluxe Kegging #5 kit has everything you need to brew exceptional beer at home, and a kegging system so that you can have your homebrew on tap!  No matter which one you choose, all of our starter kits will qualify for our free shipping program! 

(If you are new to home brewing, or just looking to brush up on some of the in-depth information in one of our MoreBeer! Manuals, our Learning Center is a great source of valuable, free brewing information!)