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Our home brewing kits include everything you will need to start making great beer at home!

Interested in building your own homebrewery, but wondering where to start?  Well our complete beer making kits are a great place to start!  Whether you know a bit about brewing or you’re just learning about the process, our complete beer brewing starter kits are ideal for every type of beginning brewer.  

We highly recommend our new Deluxe and Premium Homebrew Starter Kits which feature the new Fermonster fermenter. These beer making kits include everything you'll need to make great beer at home!  The Fermonster is a clear, unbreakable fermenter with molded in volume markers, a large lid that makes cleaning easy, and a built in spigot that eliminates siphoning. Both the Deluxe and Premium home brewing kits also come with stainelss steel kettles and our American Ale Ingredient Kit, making them both an amazing value. 

We also offer our Standard Homebrew Starter Kit which makes a fantastic gift and still includes all the specialized equipment needed to brew.  Regardless which beer making kit you choose, we're certain that you'll love brewing your own beer at home! Plus brewing beer is cheaper than buying it. Click here, to learn More!

All beer brewing​ kits ship for free!


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Brewnomics: Brewing Beer is Cheaper Than Buying it

As the cost of ingredients has risen, the price of the average six pack is nearing $9.00. While that is still a bargain compared to lifes other pleasures, and we encourage you to support your local brewery, it is still cheaper to brew your own! The begining brewer can make beer for under $3.00 per six pack and have fun doing it.

Commercial six pack: $9.00
Your Beer: $3.00 
$6.00 Savings. By our math (after a 5:00pm beer) that is a savings of over 65%.

Can I brew good beer at home?
No, you can make GREAT beer at home, starting with your very first batch. Get a little experience under your belt and your homebrew will easily rival the best Micro beers on the market. 

I just want to use kits
Yes! We have several Beer Ingredient Kits that result in beers under $.50 each or $3.00 per six pack. 

Brew All-Grain and save even more
When you first start homebrewing you will probably start with our Beer Ingredient Kits based on using Malt Extract. These are easy, fool-proof kits for making great beer with your very first batch. As you get into the hobby you may choose to brew directly from the grain. This type of brewing, all-grain brewing, requires more equipment but lowers the cost that you spend per batch on ingredients. For example you could brew a Blonde Ale, via the all-grain practice, for under $2.00 a six pack. 

Almost 15 years later we still offer free shipping over $59!
Don't worry about the shipping cost - we got your back. For the past 14 years, and even through the great gas scalping of 2008, we have offered free shipping over $59.  While there are a few products that are excluded, this is still an unbelievable value considering brewing supplies are heavy and can cost a lot to ship. Click here to learn more about our Fast & Free! Shipping Policy.

Shop and Compare - Our Ingredient pricing is among the lowest in the Industry

Even with our Free Shipping policy, our core ingredient pricing for Liquid Malt ExtractYeast and Hops are often the lowest or among the lowest on the web. We encourage you to compare. 

Low Priced Bulk Malt Extract

If you want to maximize your brewing dollars and design some of your own recipes, take notice of some the great deals we have on Bulk Malt Extract starting at $2.60 per pound!

Click here for Liquid Malt Extract!


Low Priced Hops… Including Cascade Hops!

And while some stores have drastically raised hop pricing or have not been able to get hops we have kept our most popular hop, Cascade, at a very modest $3.50 for 2 ounces. 

Click here for Brewing Hops!


Low Priced White Labs Liquid Yeast

We have partnered with White Labs since the late 1990's and have always had great results. We consistently offer one of the lowest prices on the web for Liquid Yeast and we ship a ton of them every week so you know the yeast is as fresh as possible.

Click here for White Labs Yeast!


Low Priced Homebrewing Ingredient Kits

Are you interested in a simple to use, pre-measured, award winning recipe kit?  MoreBeer ingredient kits offer a complete, open up the package and brew, experience at a great value.

Click here for our Beer Making Ingredient Kits!

Low Priced Beer Making Starter Equipment Kits

Want to save some of your beer money get started in this great hobby. Let us hold your hand while you get your first couple batches under your belt.  Select one our Beer Making Starter Kits and then choose an ingredient kit (see link above.)