How to Brew a Reconstruction of the Original Michelob Beer
By Jack Horzempa

By Jack Horzempa Why brew an old-time beer? I wrote an article discussing the benefits of homebrewing vs. buying beer: https://www.morebeer.com/articles/Why_Homebrew_Beer One of the reasons within that article was we get to homebrew beers that are not commonly produced. And...

Weiss Beer
By Jacob Wachtel

By Jacob Wachtel   Literally translated as "White Beer", the Weiss Beer (Weißbier) has a long, rich history within Germany. Hailing from the Bavarian region, and possibly Bohemia before that, this style of beer has become synonymous with a wheat dominant grain...

The Benefits of Homebrewing over Buying Beer
By Jack Horzempa

By Jack Horzempa There is a myriad of good reasons to homebrew your own beers and below are some of them. Click each reason to learn More! and watch the video to learn how to brew beer in 6 minutes! Top 5 Reasons to Homebrew! #1. It can Save you Money! #2. You can...

Kveik - A Gift from Our Nordic Cousins
By Steve Harbottle

By Steve Harbottle     When the average person hears about something “hot and fast” coming from Norway, I suspect their first inclination isn’t to think about beer but rather some new Nordic supermodel or downhill skier. For those of us in the...

Fruit Beer & Flavor
By Vito Delucchi

By Vito Delucchi Fruiting Beer My first memory of tasting a fruited beer was back in the late 90’s; it was Pyramid Brewing Co.’s Apricot Ale and I am not ashamed to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it! The aroma and taste that the apricot brought to that wheat beer was...