Extracting Lessons from the Boil
By Jason Wells

By Jason Wells Homebrewing is a rewarding hobby and a tremendous community to be a part of. Nearly 20 years ago, it started for me with a simple Christmas gift from my wonderfully understanding wife. After years of listening to me talk about the incredible beers I sampled during my...

The Benefits of Homebrewing over Buying Beer
By Jack Horzempa

By Jack Horzempa There is a myriad of good reasons to homebrew your own beers and below are some of them. Click each reason to learn More! and watch the video to learn how to brew beer in 6 minutes! Top 5 Reasons to Homebrew! #1. It can Save you Money! #2. You can...

Using Steeping Grains Effectively
By John Palmer (Brewing Techniques)

By John Palmer     A Beginner’s Guide to Using Grain in Extract Recipes   The benefits of specialty malts — enhanced flavor, intriguing colors, and overall complexity — are available to extract brewers through a simple procedure added...