By Mike Blaesser

By Mike Blaesser When it comes to efficiency, only one number matters We brewers are an obsessive lot. We worry about everything.   My pH is too high or too low. I fermented too hot or too cold. I dry-hopped too long/too short. I’m sure I’ve ruined my beer....

Milling Grain
By Jack Horzempa

By Jack Horzempa   Why mill your own grain? The four basic ingredients of beer are malt (e.g., barley malt), hops, yeast and water. The malt needs to be processed, first via milling (crushing the malt) and then a mashing process to convert the starches in the malt to...

Crushin' It - Homebrew Grain Mill Gap Settings
By Vito Delucchi

by Vito Delucchi     Milling Grain at Home - In Summary Grain is an agricultural product, and it’s size and friability can vary each year depending on the yearly harvest, and the maltster. To better familiarize yourself with all...