Kveik - A Gift from Our Nordic Cousins
By Steve Harbottle

By Steve Harbottle     When the average person hears about something “hot and fast” coming from Norway, I suspect their first inclination isn’t to think about beer but rather some new Nordic supermodel or downhill skier. For those of us in the...

Top 5 tips for using Kveik!
By Logan Prasser

By Logan Prasser   So, you’re ready to brew your first batch of beer with Kveik yeast, but you don’t want a stalled fermentation, end up with DMS, acetaldehyde, or some other off flavor you’ve seen in the past…. Well, here’s my top 5 tips...

How Kveik Became the Hottest Strain of Beer Yeast
By Joe Smahl

By Joe Smahl Ancient Norwegian yeast cultures known as "kveik" have been used to produce Farmhouse beer in the Nordic land for generations, and are now being cultivated and produced in America in liquid yeast form. These isolated strains are taking the brewing world by...