WLP565 Belgian Saison - White Labs Yeast

WLP565 Belgian Saison - White Labs Yeast

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Classic Saison yeast from Wallonia. It produces earthy, peppery, and spicy notes. Slightly sweet. With high gravity saisons, brewers may wish to dry the beer with an alternate yeast added after 75% fermentation. Known to be a slow starter.

The trick to fermenting a Saison is to pitch at 66-68F and raise it 1-2 degrees per day until you get to 85F. Yes, that is correct...85F! This yeast is so moody that you have to keep giving it warmth towards the end because it gets lazy and wants to go to sleep. Hold at 85F for 3-5 days until terminal gravity is reached then transfer off of yeast bed to bottling bucket or keg.

Attenuation: 65-75%
Flocculation: Medium
Fermentation Temperature: 68-85F
Wyeast Equivalent: 3724 Belgian Saison Yeast

For best results we always recommend ordering an ice pack with your liquid yeast.

Please Note: When choosing an ice pack option beware that the liquid yeast will not arrive cold even when shipped together. Ice packs and insulated mailing options are designed to keep the yeast colder for longer during shipment, but they will not ensure that your yeast arrives cold. We will not replace liquid yeast that arrives warm. During warmer months we strongly recommend you choose dry yeast.


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Recommended in Noma guide to fermentation
Thomas L on Dec 23, 2022
Perfect match for my Saison
David N on Aug 23, 2022
Recommended in Noma guide to fermentation
Thomas L on Dec 23, 2022
john y on Oct 26, 2022
Perfect match for my Saison
David N on Aug 23, 2022
Makes good beer
Kevin O on Apr 11, 2022
I like it
Stephen Russell on Apr 8, 2022
it's what was suggested
Chad S on Nov 3, 2021
figured why not
Nick V on Apr 30, 2021
use it before with good results
jim werner on Apr 10, 2021
Liquid yeasts work better for saisons
Rick V on Mar 20, 2021
have used before
Kara T on Jun 22, 2020
For the new recipe mentioned above.
Bradley W on Apr 9, 2020
Had continued success with White Labs so don't want to change that.
William K on Apr 8, 2020
Adding it to our frozen yeast library
James McLaughlin on Feb 29, 2020
To blend with 3724
Drewbrewski on Jan 11, 2020
Walking dead beer
KJ H on Dec 28, 2019
Doing trials
cperac on Nov 16, 2019
Pear vinegar
Jennifer Z on Nov 4, 2019
Prior experience
Donald H on Oct 9, 2019
the best yeast for my first saison
Gary G on Sep 13, 2019
red wine barrel aged farmhouse ale
richard deangelis on Apr 28, 2019
Belgian Farmhouse Ale
Brian W on Apr 9, 2019
Brewing a saison and my local beer supply sold me this today. Turns out the one they supplied had 0% viability.
Roman R on Jan 29, 2019
I have brewed their Saison before with the Bell Saison yeast and although good did not have the Farmhouse yeast taste that I am looking for
Chris H on Dec 28, 2018
Fear the Walking Dead
Mike D on Sep 25, 2018
Jeff Olson on Aug 16, 2018
I'm making a Belgian Saison. Best yeast for this ale
Linda M on Aug 13, 2018
Used white labs before
Phillip Williams on Jun 30, 2018
for my jalapeno saison
Shawn Mcelhinney on Jun 26, 2018
Just what you had
John L on May 9, 2018
I think Saison flavors are delicate - this might be one that really benefits from a liquid yeast
Dave M on Mar 16, 2018
Using in a lemongrass saison and smoked rye saison
Chad S on Feb 20, 2018
john y on Oct 26, 2022
Makes good beer
Kevin O on Apr 11, 2022
This stuff did not start off slow for me! I pitched at around 75f and the next day the airlock was going non-stop and the temp was about 83f-84f. Day 3 now and it's slowed down substantially and temp is 77f. Airlock is still bubbling but not non-stop like yesterday. Is it going to be okay? Should I still heat slowly back up to 85f?
Zack Fusari on Sep 9, 2022
MoreBeer suggested I could help answer this (a service I didn't know they did). Anyway, I've used this yeast a lot (it's one on my favorites). I find it to be a fast starter and finishes rapidly at typical room temperatures (Usually ~75F). Don't worry about it-it will most likely finish in just over a week or less; I don't usually raise the temp from room, but you could do that if you want. You''l get the good ester flavors leaving it at room temp in my experience. Good luck.
peter hickmott
Thinking of brewing the Belgian Saison with WLP565. Any recommendations on a dry or liquid yeast to add if I need to finish it with an alternative yeast strain?
Jim Huelman on Aug 30, 2018
WLP565 Belgian Saison - White Labs Yeast
WLP565 Belgian Saison - White Labs Yeast
Belgian Saison Beer - Extract Beer Brewing Kit (5 Gallons)
Belgian Saison Beer - Extract Beer Brewing Kit (5 Gallons)
BEST ANSWER: I was happy with wlp565 but there is wlp566 which makes the finish fruitier.

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Rated 5 out of 5
It made a nice cider.
December 19, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
No need for other saison yeasts!
Best saison yeast to use in my opinion. Classic saison flavors- fruity esters mix with peppery phenols. People say it is finnicky, and it was for me the first time i used it as well. The trick is to not use an airlock the first 3-4 days. Just cover the opening with foil and you should have no problems with stuck ferm. I have used this yeast 6-7 times and only had problems the first go because i used an airlock.
I’d highly recommend using some saaz with this yeast to accentuate the peppery qualities. And dont ruin it with fruit, respect the saison flavors!
User submitted image
Added May 8, 2019
May 8, 2019
over 3 years ago
Response from MoreFlavor
Thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate the honesty and value great feedback like this as it helps us improve our products. Cheers!
May 9, 2019
Tyler W Staff
Rated 5 out of 5
Worked as advertised.
Good stuff. Worked very well. I used it in a Saison, and pitched around 64. I let it free rise and it topped out around 74, so I slowly raised the temp about 2 per day with a brew belt. I maxed at 80. I ended up with a lot of the yeast character that I was looking for.
October 22, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Its still fermenting, but it started well. Made a 2 litre starter, split it between 2 6 gallon fermenters(common boil). the first 5 gallons will rack to secondary in a week, but looking good so far, the second will wait another 2 weeks and rack onto pepper corns for a week before it hits the keg.
August 29, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
A very nice Belgian Saison yeast.
It is always my favorite Saison yeast, adds some of the citrus flavor I add to this beer.
May 7, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great flavot
It's a great flavor. I'm pushing my fermenter a little to get the temp in the 80s as suggested but it's well worth it.
February 22, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
The Better Dupont Strain
This is my forth attempt to use the Dupont strain. Normally I used WY3724 but this time I pitched one smack pack WY3724 and one pouch WLP565 in 10 gallons. I used no airlock, just aluminum foil because stain supposedly back pressure sensitive. Fermenters were kept in kitchen between 65-85 degrees F. The wort was oxygenated and yeast nutrient was added. The yeast ripped through 1.060 to 1.007 in just FIVE days! Normally the WY3724 would be lingering around 1.030 after five days. My guess is the WLP565 attenuates much quicker- there must be a significant genetic difference.
August 12, 2017
Rated 5 out of 5
Excellent strain
After a few attempts at this style using different Belgian strains, always with unremarkable results, I walked away from this style several years ago.
This Spring though, I decided to give saison another shot using WLP 565. What a difference.
I pitched a healthy 2L starter on brew day and true to form it took off very quickly but got "lazy" after high Krausen, around 50% attentuation. However, several weeks later, having been allowed to free rise to 73 degrees, fermentation picked back up and today i kegged at my 1.010 target gravity. Although slow, it tackled my 7.2% abv batch like a champ.
The flavor of the as-yet uncarbed beer is predictably Belgian but definitely has more complexity than a typical Abbey strain. At the risk of being accused of brewing dirty, I'll submit that there's a subtle earthy, funky note to it, which is an authentic quality quite welcomed by this brewer. Furthermore, I brewed cool by this strain's standards, so I'm looking forward to exploring the flavor profiles I can nurture by pushing it to the recommended 85 degrees (or warmer according to other online sources) on another batch.
All-in-all this yeast has renewed my interest in brewing saison and I'll certainly do so with the foundation of confidence this strain offers.
Highly recommended!
July 7, 2017