NY Cascade 023™ Hops | Citrus, Tropical, Floral | Ultra High Thiol | T-90 Hop Pellets

NY Cascade 023™ Hops | Citrus, Tropical, Floral | Ultra High Thiol | T-90 Hop Pellets

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  • NY Cascade 023™ is a powerhouse of flavors for thiolized beers thanks to the special terroir of New York State
  • With a higher bound thiol precursor count than typical Cascade, 023™ has huge flavor and aroma potential when used in tandem with a thiolized yeast strain
  • Highly recommended for Mash Hopping. Maximize flavor and aromas while minimizing bitterness
  • When used with thiolized yeast, flavors are noted to be tropical, red berry, and melon
  • When not used with thiolized yeast, flavors are noted to be citrus, tropical, and floral

What is NY Cascade 023™?
Through research and development, the New York Hop Guild has discovered that our New York grown Cascade has a higher amount of bound precursor thiols than other hop thiol products on the market. Initially we thought this may have been a one-time occurrence, but through extensive testing we have discovered that the abundance of bound thiols is unique to the terroir of New York State! With up to three times more 3MH Precursors (Passionfruit/Grapefruit/Guava) than PNW Cascade, our 023™ branded Cascade is a powerhouse of flavors for thiolized beers. We highly recommend utilizing these TRUE90™ pellets in the mash with a thiolized yeast like Cosmic Punch® or Star Party™ from Omega Yeast.

What are Bound Thiols?

  • Bound thiols are a precursor compound that consists of a thiol (a class of aromatic compound) bound to glutathione, cysteine, and dipeptide intermediates.
  • The bound thiol content normally consists of a higher concentration of bound 3SH/3MH (Passionfruit/Grapefruit/Guava), than found in the free thiol content of many varieties of hops.

How Do You Unlock Bound Thiols?
Unlocking bound thiols requires a two-step process:

  • Mash Hopping!!! Everyone’s favorite blast from the past is back in style! Mash hopping employs an enzymatic process that breaks down glutathione bound thiols into cysteine bound thiols.
  • Utilizing a Thiolized Yeast! By Breaking down these precursors into cysteine bound thiols, this enables yeasts with IRC7 and PatB Enzymes to break down the bonds with cysteine, setting the thiols free and unlocking Cascade 023™’s immense amount of flavor!

What’re the Benefits?

  • By unleashing the power of bound thiols, our Cascade 023™ can give you a similar punch of flavor to that of propriety varieties with elevated free thiol content.
  • With the Mash Hopping technique you can dramatically increase your yield by minimizing hop additions in the Kettle and Whirlpool.
  • Cascade 023™’s enhanced bound thiol content allows you to maximize flavor and aromas while minimizing bitterness in your product.

Recommended Usage Rates?

  • We recommend as little as 0.50 lbs/bbl up to 2.5 lbs/bbl in the mash, though most brewers agree that 0.75-1.0 lbs/bbl is an excellent sweet spot!
  • For homebrewers, that's roughly 0.25 oz/gallon up to 1.25 oz/gallon, with 0.4-0.5 oz/gallon being the sweet spot.
  • When calculating bitterness during the mash hopping, a good general guideline is about 30% of calculated IBUs from an equivalent by weight 60-minute kettle addition.

Hop Statistics:
Alpha Acids: 6.8%
Total Oils in mls per 100 grams dried: 1.0
Thiols ug/g: 26.2


NY Cascade 023™ is a trademark owned by The Hop Guild.

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Can you recommend some example yeasts, especially dry, that would pair best with these hops utilizing the mash hopping process?
Ed DelleFemine on Sep 18, 2023

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