Torpedo Keg Buoy ™ Floating Dip Tube

Torpedo Keg Buoy ™ Floating Dip Tube

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With the Torpedo Buoy™ floating dip tube, you'll be pouring the clearest beer possible from first pint to last! As your beer sits at low temperatures, more and more haze particles settle out to the bottom of the keg. This means the clearest beer in the keg is always at the top. The Buoy™ uses a stainless float to position the silicone dip tube just 1 inch below the surface of the beer. Kick homebrew haze to the curb and start drawing the brightest beer possible. Yeah, Buoy!

Installs on any Ball Lock or Pin Lock keg quickly and easily. Simply remove your bev out post and replace the long metal dip tube with the provided 3" metal dip tube. Slide one end of the silicone tubing over the 3" dip tube and the other end of the tubing over the metal tube connected to the float. The silicone tubing is sized for 5-gallon kegs, but you can cut it shorter to use on 1.5 or 2.5-gallon kegs. Also compatible with the Torpedo Keg Depth Charge series 10 & 15 gallon kegs!

With the optional Floating Dip Tube Filter, you can prevent hop material and other solids from ever entering the dip tube. A great upgrade accessory if you like to dry hop or add other additions directly to your keg while serving.


  • 3" Stainless Dip Tube
  • 1/4" ID Silicone Tubing (23.5" long)
  • Ball Float Made from 304 Stainless Steel
Item # KEG655
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corny keg clogged from trub/hops
Bill R on Jul 15, 2021
Who doesn't like serving crystal clear beer?
Matthew B on Jul 3, 2021
corny keg clogged from trub/hops
Bill R on Jul 15, 2021
Tim on Jul 9, 2021
Who doesn't like serving crystal clear beer?
Matthew B on Jul 3, 2021
clear beer from the start
Antonio Martinez on Jul 2, 2021
Fermenter Beer Racking to keg
Tim on Jul 1, 2021
Trying for clearer beer with little to no filtering
Russell B on Jun 29, 2021
works great to not pick up settled yeast
Brandon Whitehead on Jun 29, 2021
Converting keg to fermenter
Jacob S on Jun 23, 2021
Good product
Kyle J on Jun 11, 2021
Pressure fermenting
Rob Gowen on Jun 10, 2021
help with hops and yeast
Valued C on Jun 9, 2021
Want to see if I can get clearer beer quicker
Mark A. C on Jun 3, 2021
Fermenting in keg
Brett V on Jun 1, 2021
Want to ferment in keg and perform pressurized closed transfers
David S on Jun 1, 2021
Serve the clearest beer possible
Dallas E on May 20, 2021
I have 3 others. THey work great
Jeff on May 17, 2021
Have two and love them. Did add some weight via stainless steel washer.
Marcus J Ronney on May 10, 2021
Gonna treat a keg like a brite tank.
Michael S on May 6, 2021
Allows my kegged beer to be clearer
Randy B on May 5, 2021
Fermenting in keg
Doug L on Apr 27, 2021
Great product!
Andrew Perkins on Apr 27, 2021
They work best for big hoppy brews, you just have to shake the keg sometimes because C02 foam comes out of the tap insteed of beer.
Kenneth S on Apr 26, 2021
Clear beer right away
Mike B on Apr 22, 2021
To ferment in keg
Jurrien K on Apr 21, 2021
fermenting in keg
Brian O on Apr 17, 2021
Dry hop in keg
BARRY Y on Apr 13, 2021
Let’s me move from fermenter to keg sooner.
Benjamin Miller on Apr 9, 2021
Freshest from the top
Nikolay H on Apr 9, 2021
For fermenting in keg
Robert K. L on Apr 6, 2021
My friend let me borrow his, loved it!
Joseph M on Apr 2, 2021
I'm always looking to have clearer beer without a lot of effort or risk of oxidation
Julian Fountain on Mar 31, 2021
sounded like a good idea. clear beer
Jim C on Mar 30, 2021
Impulse buy. I brew a lot of IPAs, maybe I'll get a cleaner pour.
Gary E N on Mar 19, 2021
Worth trying to see how it works
Ric N on Mar 18, 2021
cool idea
anthony D on Mar 16, 2021
So I can ferment and serve from the same keg
Stephen H on Mar 14, 2021
Already have one and it works great. Want more for
Jay Penneau on Mar 13, 2021
Old dip tube kept accumulating too much trub
Jeremy S on Mar 12, 2021
Desire to pour the cleanest, clearest beer possible
Martin S on Mar 12, 2021
Never used one, asked my friends and they gave good reviews
Jay H on Mar 12, 2021
I plan to use a corny keg as a fermenter.
Kevin on Mar 12, 2021
I am using this to allow easier fermentation in corny kegs
Scott J on Mar 11, 2021
Have one and love it.
Marcus J Ronney on Mar 10, 2021
I was looking for a solution to get clear beer faster
Rocky K on Feb 25, 2021
To deliver clean beer from pressure ferment in 6 gal Torpedo Keg
Gary R Hayes on Feb 17, 2021
Gustavo G on Feb 3, 2021
A great invention to ensure no sediment in my beer
William S on Feb 1, 2021
I hope for clear beer out of the tap.
Thomas Gariety on Jan 30, 2021
Gotta have me that dip tube too!
ALEXANDER D on Jan 30, 2021
Tim on Jul 9, 2021
clear beer from the start
Antonio Martinez on Jul 2, 2021
can this be used in a sankey keg?
Jacob Bryant Fleener on Nov 26, 2019
Does the plastic tube impart any off flavors?
Cole Christian on Jul 10, 2020
BEST ANSWER: No it does not. Just like the hose the delivers the beer from keg to tap doesn’t either. I have had the tube stick to the side of the keg two times which then the ball does not float properly. I have them in 4 kegs. No more getting the crud off the bottom of the keg. I’ve never considered going back to the fixed tube.
Can this be used with any Corny keg that uses a dip tube?
Edmond Flores on Nov 18, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Edmond, correct! you'd just replace the existing dip tube with the 3" Stainless Dip Tube.
If used with a torpedo keg would this allow pouring with the keg in a horizontal orientation (laid “down” on a standard residential refrigerator shelf)?
benjamin johnston on Jun 18, 2020
BEST ANSWER: As the other answers have noted there would be a bit more loss at the bottom of the keg since your float may be an inch or so off the bottom and when the keg is on its side the inch of vertical dead space would equate to a larger volume of beer than if the keg were upright. Otherwise this is not a problem at all. As another reply mentioned it would also be best to keep your gas fitting at the 12 o'clock position so you don't contaminate that.
Do you need to use a hose clamp to attach the tubing to the dip-tube?
Brendan ONeill on May 15, 2020
BEST ANSWER: No, you don’t need to. Since the keg is under pressure and the tube is connected to your out, there’s no concern of pressure “blowing off” an unconnected tube.

That said, it made me feel more comfortable to put a hose clamp on it, but then again you’re putting that hose clamp in your beer.
Can you pressure fill the keg with this attached?
James Witterschein on Apr 1, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I’ve done it twice now without issue, so I’m going to say yes. Use low pressure for the transfer and it works fine.
Do you have to cut silicone tube for 3 and 1 gallon kegs? Thanks.
FromLV L on Dec 22, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Have to? Probably not for the three gallon, most likely for the one gallon. I cut about 11” off for my 2.5 gallon kegs and they work incredibly well. If you do cut them, cut them long enough that the ball and open end of the tube lay on the bottom of the keg with a little bend in the tube. I left a little extra figuring that I could trim it later if necessary so mine wrap about a quarter of the way around the bottom of the keg and they work fine. I just drained my first two kegs using these and picked up no sediment whatsoever until I was pulling nothing but air (CO2) and foam from the kegs. I’m so pleased with them I’ll be ordering a couple more if Santa didn’t beat me to it.
Can you use these Keg Buoy Floating Dip Tubes with the SS Brewtech Keg Washer?
William Carter on Nov 30, 2020
Torpedo Keg Buoy ™ Floating Dip Tube
Torpedo Keg Buoy ™ Floating Dip Tube
Ss Brewtech Keg WaSsher
Ss Brewtech Keg WaSsher
BEST ANSWER: I would assume so...There is nothing that would prohibit this. The keg is cleaned upside down so the floating ball would rest just inside OR outside the keg. Just make sure the hose attached to the ball does not kink.
Can I buy the 3” dip tube separately?
Ryan Schmich on Nov 12, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Ryan, the dip tube is not sold separately.

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Rated 5 out of 5
great device
I get clear beer all the way to the bottom. I use one in my fermenter. that way when I pressure transfer to the keg, The beer is clear going in.
June 25, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Best idea for clear beer easy to use
June 19, 2021
10 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Works great!
I had some dry hop debris in my keg that was clogging my dip tube. I installed this floating dip tube in another keg and transferred my beer with the hop debris to the new keg. The beer is flowing great! No clogs!
June 17, 2021
1 month ago
Rated 5 out of 5
This is a new thing since I brewed last almost 10 years ago. Love it !
I really like the floating dip tube design. The length is perfect for 5 gallon corney and torpedo kegs and a shade too long for the 7 gallon fermzilla fermenter but too long is ok.
June 14, 2021
1 month ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great accessory for your keg
This product works great. You will need to remove the out post and remove the dip tube and replace it with the smaller piece they provide. Then all you have to do is attach the ball float to the tubing on one end and connect the silicone tubing to the post on the other end. I have a smaller keg so I had to cut the silicone tubing to properly fit but it was no hassle. Pulls beer from the top and works excellent in tandem with the dip tube filter attachment.
June 2, 2021
2 months ago
Rated 2 out of 5
Simple and cheap, but sadly there are issues.
I bought several of these but now I’ve switched to the more expensive Clear Beer Draft System because these cheaper buoys hold their tube too close to the surface of the beer and also have it oriented towards the surface. This causes a vortex which results in air (co2) being pushed into the line, causing severe foaming when dispensing.
Also, occasionally the float will get stuck and not follow the beer level down, resulting in foam or just co2 dispensing. To fix this you must shake and bang the keg to get it unstuck, which results in stirring up the yeast and getting cloudy beer, which is exactly what this device is supposed to prevent.
The CBDS is more expensive, but I’ve learned that you’ll have none of these issues with it.
April 9, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
This combined with the filter, and the six gal Torpedo kegs has allowed me to do pressure fermentation and closed transfers on my high hopped beers. Make sure you add a spunding valve if you don't already have one.
April 7, 2021
4 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
The best!
Works like a dream. Get the filter! Clear beer & no clogs.
March 10, 2021
5 months ago
Rated 2 out of 5
im back to the dip tube
in the first trial of the floater - the keg "blew" really early - i didnt buy it so i depressurized and saw that it was still half full - i went back to the old dip tube - cant be messing about with half filled kegs - besides cold crashing seems to solve the old problem
March 8, 2021
7 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Makes perfect pours
No more glasses with trub to start a keg. From first glass to last, clear beer.
March 4, 2021
1 year ago