Slimline Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs

Slimline Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs

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Torpedo Kegs too wide? Want to squeeze another keg in your kegerator? The patented design, D794,899, of the new Slimline Torpedo Keg is 9% more slim than the classic model with all the same great features. Coming in at about 1/4" thinner than standard Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs, this keg has welded stainless handles and the ability to stack kegs with fittings still in place all at a great price.

Quality First
Here at MoreBeer! we love nothing more than quality interior welds. We've spent a decade rejecting kegs made overseas because the interior welds have never met our standards. If a weld is not perfect and shows evident burn marks along with nooks and crannies it cannot be sanitized effectively. Torpedo kegs are machine welded and exceed our standards for quality. This weld quality is possible because these kegs are made by an ISO certified commercial keg manufacturer.

Cool Features
Torpedo Kegs were designed to stack with Ball Lock quick disconnects in place and serving which is a cool feature for some brewers who have vertical space in their refrigerator. We also like the rolled stainless steel handles. They are comfortable to grab and will never come off like some rubber handles can over time. “In” and “Out” is etched near the keg posts for easy identification which is very handy when you are connecting lines in a refrigerator or kegerator and trying not to make a mistake. 

Overall for the price and quality, along with free shipping from MoreBeer!, the Torpedo Keg is an amazing value!

Taking your keg on the go? Don't leave home without a custom tailored Slimline Torpedo Keg Sleeve!


  • Max Pressure: 130 psi
  • PRV Rating: 85 psi
  • High Quality Laser Welded Seams
  • ISO9001 Quality Assurance
  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel


  Height (in.) Diameter (in.)
1.5 Gal 11 8 3/8
2.5 Gal 15 5/8 8 3/8
5 Gal 25 1/2 8 3/8
Lowest Price Guarantee, this item has MAP pricing so you can be confident you won't find it for less.

For a slightly shorter keg, see our Standard Torpedo Kegs!

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Wanted a smaller keg for smaller batches
Michael C on Feb 25, 2023
fits a bit better in my keezer than the normal kegs
Brian Hoey on Feb 23, 2023
Wanted a smaller keg for smaller batches
Michael C on Feb 25, 2023
Trying keg conditioning, these look good.
Richard D on Feb 23, 2023
fits a bit better in my keezer than the normal kegs
Brian Hoey on Feb 23, 2023
To fit 4 in my kegerator
Roy W on Feb 22, 2023
Small enough to fit everywhere, right size for home cold brew.
christopher e on Feb 17, 2023
Need smaller kegs for half batches
Ian H on Feb 8, 2023
Need the slimline to fit in my kegerator
Darin B on Feb 1, 2023
Auxiliary keg for keeping tap lines clean
Dan K on Jan 26, 2023
Wedding Registry
Susan G on Jan 24, 2023
Wedding Registry
Susan G on Jan 24, 2023
What my husband wanted
Mako R on Jan 14, 2023
Keg set yo
Logan Patrick on Dec 30, 2022
quality keg
Bill U on Dec 30, 2022
small batch brew
Bill U on Dec 30, 2022
Beer without stainless steel will just lay on the floor.
Jack K on Dec 27, 2022
To put beer in.
Dustie Lee C on Dec 15, 2022
So my friend can store his beer until he is ready to drink it
Fred J on Dec 15, 2022
Christopher T on Dec 13, 2022
Zachary Marin recommended the
David W H on Dec 7, 2022
Craig M on Nov 30, 2022
Cassie G B on Nov 30, 2022
Fit more kegs in keezer,
Joel T D on Nov 30, 2022
Fit my new kegerator and seemed high quality
Kevin S on Nov 21, 2022
a gift for a friend
Mike B on Nov 16, 2022
Built a 3 tap tower kegerator out of a Hisense 4.4cuft mini fridge. These allow me to stack a 2.5g and a 1.5g x2 for four small batches of beer on at once!
Rachel B on Nov 11, 2022
Love these kegs and I plan to buy more when I can afford it
Timothy W on Oct 26, 2022
Small and looks sturdy
Adam P on Sep 30, 2022
I have several 5-gal and love the fit and finish of the kegs. The 2.5-gal will be handy for splitting a batch with a brew buddy.
Hoping that I can fit 4 on the bottom of my chest freezer
Joel T D on Sep 16, 2022
soda water home production
brian l on Sep 6, 2022
For portability
Patrick A on Sep 5, 2022
Chris W on Aug 30, 2022
space efficiency
Colin W on Aug 27, 2022
slim feature. quality
Dave S on Aug 17, 2022
Smaller diameter for keezer tight space requirement
Robert Parks on Aug 17, 2022
They fit in our kegerator better
Christian S on Aug 11, 2022
It's for my son per his request for o erflow from brewing.
Laurie D on Aug 10, 2022
Steven H. on Aug 10, 2022
Need a extra keg
Alex M. on Jul 19, 2022
Decreasing batch size, and wanted an appropriately sized keg. I love the torpedo line's stackability.
Haydn F on Jul 15, 2022
Stylish, Functional, and fits in my kegerator.
Dillon S on Jul 13, 2022
I have some and like them.
Todd Saunders on Jul 8, 2022
Just the right size, and looks cool.
Eric W on Jul 7, 2022
Perfect size for cold brew coffee
John P on Jun 29, 2022
Size I brew
Robert B on Jun 4, 2022
Limited space in my kegerator
Joseph M on May 30, 2022
Great quality!
Maximilian Q on May 27, 2022
already own one - very happy with the product
John H on May 24, 2022
I have a Komos Kegerator w/ 4 taps and this size will allow 4 kegs to be placed in the Komos.
Wayne on May 23, 2022
need another keg, haven't tried this kind yet
Edward B on May 12, 2022
Trying keg conditioning, these look good.
Richard D on Feb 23, 2023
To fit 4 in my kegerator
Roy W on Feb 22, 2023
does anyone know what size posts these kegs have? I need to replace the gas side? thanks!
Tim Goodman on Jan 23, 2018
What is the exact stacked height of two 2.5 gal slimline torpedo kegs?
Max Rudolph on Nov 6, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The exact height within tape measure tolerance is 30-3/8" .
What is the actual volume of the 5 gallon keg (not the nominal volume which is 5 gallons)? How does it compare to a traditional ball lock 5 gallon keg? Do the slimline and regular torpedo kegs have the same actual volume?
Kevin Ramey on Feb 6, 2020
Slimline Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs
Slimline Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs
Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs
Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs
BEST ANSWER: After purchasing several of these, I made some measurements of the capacity of two "5 gallon" slimline kegs using a high quality calibrated graduated cylinder. Sadly, in each case the total capacity (to the rim) is only 4.845 US gallons, which means a practical operating capacity of something like 4.75 gallons or less. If you are expecting to keg 5 gallons, you're going to be at least a couple of pints short in each keg.
Are these kegs made in the usa?
Richard Hartford on Mar 21, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Hi Richard - These kegs are made in China.
Wll the slimline versions stack on a regular size torpedo Keg and or vice Versa?
Chris S on Jan 20, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Hi Chris - The Slimline Torpedo kegs are compatible with other Slimline Torpedo kegs but will not be compatible with the regular Torpedo kegs, vice versa.
What's the size of two 2.5 gallon kegs stacked, either Slimline or Regular?
Ivan DeWilde on May 12, 2021
BEST ANSWER: Slimline kegs come in 1 gallon (11 inches tall), 2.5 gallons (15.5 inches tall) and 5 gallon (25.5 inches tall). All of them have a one inch tall base rim which stacks into the upper rim of another slimline keg. So when stacked a 1 gallon plus a 2.5 gallon is (11 inches + 15.5 inches - 1 inch =25.5 inches tall. So 1 gal plus 1 gal would be 11 + 11-1 = 21 inches tall.
Will this fit on the ball lock fittings on the Torpedo Kegs? I bought something similar from Amazon and there seems to be a slight difference in the connection. Before I jump on this one I wanted to make sure it will connect correctly.
Raymond Biondi on Jan 15, 2020
Slimline Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs
Slimline Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs
Slimline Torpedo Keg - 1.5 Gal
Slimline Torpedo Keg - 1.5 Gal
Slimline Torpedo Keg - 2.5 Gal
Slimline Torpedo Keg - 2.5 Gal
Faucet Quick Disconnect (QD) Assembly
Faucet Quick Disconnect (QD) Assembly
BEST ANSWER: Raymond - Our Torpedo kegs carry standard ball lock fittings. This should work fine.
Can Torpedo kegs safely withstand being filled with hot liquid at a temperature of around 170F? Hot but well below boiling!
Lucas Livingston on Feb 16, 2022
Slimline Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs
Slimline Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs
Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs
Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs
BEST ANSWER: Yes, should not be a problem. In the olden days (1990's) many home brewers cut off the top of their 15 gal kegs and used them as mash tuns and boil kettles. Go to brewmagic web site and you can see some of there current boil kettles still have the old keg look to them.
Are these stackable with a Continuous Soda Carbonator Keg Lid KEG455 hooked up on the bottom keg?
Jason Separovic on Apr 18, 2023
BEST ANSWER: My 1.5 gal torpedo keg stacks with the Continuous Soda Carbonator keg lid attached. I am using the Duotight Ball Lock Quick Disconnect (QD) attached to the lid. The top of the QD sits about 1/2 inch below the keg handles/top. With the curve in the bottom of the torpedo kegs, there is plenty of clearance.
How much does a 2.5 gal slimline torpedo keg (KEG427) weigh dry?
Andrew Swenson on Jan 3, 2023
BEST ANSWER: The 2.5 gallon comes in at 7lbs.
Have you considered offering this with a hang tab lid, so customers who want those don't end up with two lids per keg?
Thomas Parshall on Dec 20, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Maybe harder to sterilize hand tab lids?
Are these still stack-able when using Flow Control Ball Lock Disconnect Beverage Out - Flare
Daniel Lemoine on Dec 6, 2019
BEST ANSWER: If you buy the torpedo (low profile) disconnects then yes
what's the benefit of SS gas disconnects or plastic?
mike swiderski on Dec 1, 2023

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Rated 5 out of 5
Perfect for experimental ciders
Brewed three 1-gallon single-variety apple ciders Fall 2022 and wanted to compare to my main batch blend. This 1.5 gallon keg allowed me to do a fair comparison without having to commit a standard keg for the small volume. Nice quality keg. Might buy a second since they stack so nicely.
February 25, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
REALLY nice little kegs!
Bought two of the Slimline Torpedo kegs at the 2.5 gallon size. They arrived quickly and we're pressurized! Low pressure to be sure but, holding pressure to minimize the likelihood of crush damage and, most likely, to demonstrate integrity with respect to holding pressure. Already have one filled with a small batch Porter…
February 22, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great service, Morebeer! ????
Love this Keg! ??
Love this Keg! ??
January 21, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 3 out of 5
Mixed bag
* Stainless steel
* Stackable
* Fits my space constraints

* Poor welding jobs (see attached picture)
* Post tolerances too wide. Some are extremely tight. Others work just fine.
Bad weld. Pitting and no polish.
Bad weld. Pitting and no polish.
November 3, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great keg
On basis of description & reviews I had high expectations about this barrel. I was not disappointed: the Torpedo keg is as great as I hoped it would be. This product radiates quality. The welds are neat, the handles are handy, the steel is good and the various parts work well (like relief valve, lid, seal, disassembly & re-assembly). I have bought three of them already and I will buy even more.
September 9, 2022
Rated 5 out of 5
These are fantastic kegs. Look great but best is the ability to stack the kegs. Easy to clean and maintain
July 29, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 3 out of 5
OK but could be better
I bought a 2.5 gal slimline.. it works, but two issues I have are: The build quality could be better--the rolled metal on one of the handles was done a little sloppily but it’s pretty much just cosmetic for someone looking closely, not a common occurrence. Other thing is the posts are really tight when I use my normal plastic QDs that are fine on other kegs. My CO2 gas QD is nearly impossible to get on or off. I've banged my knuckles on the handle more than once, and the force needed sometime is enough to actually start unscrewing the tightened post from the keg. It eventually comes off, but not without some swearing on my part. I may have to get a new gas QD and see if that's better. I do have the torpedo metal QDs, but they will be reserved for my portable arrangement using a mini regulator setup.
July 19, 2022
Rated 4 out of 5
No rubber stains
Will need to order more more these things they are awesome! No black rubber stains on hands or equipment. Stack nicely with fittings installed. Lighter than cornies.
April 26, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love the physical size for my
February 15, 2022
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Get the Torpedo...
I purchased this a few months ago. Well made, easy to clean and use, and doesn't leak. So much easier than bottling.
November 25, 2021
over 2 years ago