BrewBuilt® IceMaster Max 4 | Glycol Chiller | 4 Built In Temp Controllers & Pumps | 2600btu | 110V | 8 Gal. Tank Capacity

BrewBuilt® IceMaster Max 4 | Glycol Chiller | 4 Built In Temp Controllers & Pumps | 2600btu | 110V | 8 Gal. Tank Capacity

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The ultimate control & precision of your fermentation process. Equipped with four built-in temperature controllers and pumps, this advanced chiller enables you to independently regulate the temperature of multiple separate fermentation vessels simultaneously, ensuring optimal conditions for different batches or styles of beer, making it a game-changer for homebrewers.
  • 4 Built-in pumps and digital controllers
  • Control multiple fermentation temperatures independently
  • Fill with 20% glycol solution for optimal chilling performance
  • Cold crash with good insulation
  • Perfect complement to BrewBuilt X-Series Conicals

The IceMaster Max 4 is designed to cool fermentations in small vessels. It features 4 built-in submersible pumps with independent digital temperature controllers and can be used with any vessel that has a glycol jacket or submersed cooling coil/rod. Each controller includes a temperature probe that should be inserted into a thermowell in your vessel or can be taped to the outside of the vessel if you don't have a thermowell. The digital controller then measures the temperature of your tank and turns the submersible pump on or off to cool to your desired set temperature. Up to four tanks can be controlled separately with one IceMaster Max 4. 

The IceMaster can be used with any fermenter that has a built-in cooling jacket, added CoolStix, or a submersed cooling coil. It works well as the cooling source for the following systems and fermenters.

  • BrewBuilt Jacketed Uni Conical - we recommend one Insulated Tubing Kit for each tank. These kits feature "dry break" quick disconnects that prevent glycol loss and the insulated tubing will increase chilling efficiency and eliminate line sweating from condensation.
  • CoolStix - CoolStix can be added to a wide range of carboys, fermenters, and tanks and the IceMaster works really well in combination. Each CoolStix is available with or without a pump kit; for use with the IceMaster Max 4 you will only need the CoolStix and some tubing to connect it to the chiller.  
  • Ss Brewtech Fermenters and Brites - Ss BME Chronicals, BME Brites, and Unitanks come with cooling coils and neoprene as standard. The optional chilling FTSs will not be needed for use with the Max 4. The cooling coil for standard Ss Chronicals and Brew Buckets are not sold a la carte and must be purchased with a submersible pump, which is not needed for the Max 4. For standard Chronicals and Brew Buckets you might consider the IceMaster 100 for cost savings.
  • Spike Conical with Optional Cooling Coil - the cooling coil for Spike CF series conicals is available for purchase independently from the TC-100 cooling system. For use with the Max 4 you will only need the coil and some tubing to connect it to the chiller.
  • Speidel Tanks with Optional Cooling Jackets - You will need two lengths of tubing to connect the chiller to each tank.   
  • Grainfather Fermenters - Grainfather fermenters have standard cooling jackets. You will need two lengths of tubing for each fermenter.
  • Blichmann Fermenators with Optional Cooling Coil - You will need two lengths of tubing for each Fermenator.

It is always difficult to determine exactly how many tanks can be chilled at one time as it depends on what is happening in each tank, if the tank is insulated, and what the ambient temperature is. Cold crashing always requires the most energy and requires tank insulation. We have experimented with capacities and can provide this general guide based on a 75°F ambient and neoprene insulation. Neoprene provides a modest amount of insulation so you would obtain better results using Armaflex or a higher R rated insulation. 

Capacity calculated at cold crashing to a target temperature of 38°F while the ambient temperature is 75°F with neoprene insulation (double tank capacity for ale fermentation temperature control): 

2 - 1BBL (31 Gallon) Jacketed Tank
2 - 1/2BBL (15-20 Gallon) Tanks
3 - 10-14 Gallon Tanks 
4 - 5-7 Gallon Tanks

Set Up
In order to hook up the IceMaster to your fermenter or tank's cooling system, you will need 2 lengths of tubing per vessel. All tubing connections should be secured with hose clamps.

  • Length 1: Barb of 1st bulkhead (IN) to cooling system outlet
  • Length 2: Barb of 2nd bulkhead (OUT) to cooling system inlet


  • 4 built-in submersible pumps with independent digital controllers
  • Pump controllers read in °F/°C
  • Temperature controller reads in °C
  • Labeled IN and OUT stainless bulkheads with 3/8" OD barbs
  • Tank Capacity: 30L/8 Gal. Water Capacity
  • Compressor: 3/8 HP
  • Continuous Pump Pressure: 116 psi
  • Cooling Capacity: 780 Watt/2600btu/0.26 ton
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Voltage: 110V (3.6 amps)
  • Dimensions: 16.1" x 16.1" x 26"
  • Wheels included
  • CE Certified
  • Max Head: 21.3 ft (6.5 m)

Warning: Do not set the reservoir temperature controller lower than 28°F (-2ºC). Running the unit below this temperature may negatively affect the unit's efficiency and has the potential to freeze beer which may impact the finished beer's flavor.

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Weight 77 LBS
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Bruiser J on Jan 17, 2023
Price point
Gary W on Oct 27, 2022
Bruiser J on Jan 17, 2023
For fermentation control
Scott T on Jan 3, 2023
Price point
Gary W on Oct 27, 2022
Wanted to see if it could handle our Brewhouse
Matthew A on Sep 17, 2022
Chiller with built in pumps.
Jeff R on Aug 23, 2022
Fermentation control
Michael M K on Jun 14, 2022
Overall capacity and the built-in pumps with temperature controllers was a good value
Carole B on May 14, 2022
good value; I hope...
Mark C. W on Apr 30, 2022
becauso of pumps and temp controls are included
Carlos Castorena on Apr 25, 2022
we will see
Stephanie B on Apr 13, 2022
smaller, more efficient, more convenient than DIY
Joseph W on Feb 17, 2022
already have another and is easy to change
Ofelia G on Nov 12, 2021
Least expensive option with dedicated built in controllers/pumps
Dean L on Aug 31, 2021
After researching seemed like the best buy.
Randall S on Mar 25, 2021
Because it has the capability to chill 4 beers and has all the pumps/controllers already installed
Greg R on Mar 9, 2021
Best price for a chiller I don't need to buy anything else to get running.
I liked that it includes the controllers.
JOHN PETER S on Dec 23, 2020
It is all inclusive with nothing to add such as pumps and PID.
Ray B on Dec 2, 2020
After a lot of research, this unit provided the most features, the fact that all of the pumps and the controler are included make a big difference when comparing to other brands.
Matt Wisner on Oct 30, 2020
Research leads me to believe that this will best fit my needs at an acceptable price point.
MATTHEW Kyle H on Sep 25, 2020
Product video
Ryan J F on Jul 15, 2020
Straight Chillin'
craig on Jun 11, 2020
Curtis M on May 7, 2020
Value and simplicity; pumps and temp probes includes with a good capacity reservoir and power.
Tyrell E on Apr 11, 2020
It has a great price point and comes with pumps and probes.
James P. Coleman, II on Apr 4, 2020
raymond v on Feb 28, 2020
The previous model of Ice master works really well, it's better with built in temperature controllers
Heinz Georg Hiller C on Feb 12, 2020
For fermentation control
Scott T on Jan 3, 2023
Wanted to see if it could handle our Brewhouse
Matthew A on Sep 17, 2022
Looking to use this with a cooling jacket that can only handle up to 8psi. Does anyone know the PSI these pumps will operate at?
Bob Pfingsten on Aug 16, 2022
BEST ANSWER: If its a closed loop, from the chiller to the jacket and back again, there shouldn't be much of any pressure. Perhaps a bit if there is a height difference, but should be negligable.
What additional items are needed to control
the temperature on the Grainfather conical?
Steve Gawlinski on Mar 23, 2020
BEST ANSWER: You will need to get a stopper with a thermowell and a airlock hole.
Hi folks. Which temperature sensors are best matched to this unit? Thanks in advance
Stefan Mueller on Nov 14, 2020
BEST ANSWER: It comes with built in temperature sensors for each of the built in pumps. No additional sensors should be needed to use this unit for cooling. It will not, however, control a heating setup as far as I can tell and I had to get a separate ink bird sensor to control my heating pad for keeping up my ale's temperature at night in the garage this winter.
Which model pump does this unit come standard with? There are 2 options for replacement pumps. A 1300 gph and a 800 gph. The pumps in the unit do not look like either one. But which GPH are they? I am using this Icemaster 4 on four 1 BBL Uni X2 conicals and need to ensure they are the 1300 GPH without disassembling this brand new glycol chiller. Thanks in advance!
Frederick Haydt on Mar 6, 2024
It says in manual that all four temp probes have to be connected or you get error.what if I will use it only for two fermenters?
Jonas Kristensson on Jun 23, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Hi. You can individually turn on/off each temperature controller. This will keep the unused controller from turning on the pump, which will shoot out the coolant if a hose is not connected. If you unplug the temp probe it makes a loud beeping noise that can't be turned off until you plug the probe back in. The solution is to leave the probe plugged in and turn off the controller for the unused probe. I loop back the hose from the Outlet to the Inlet to make a loop for an unused controller. This way if the controller gets turned on and tries to pump coolant, it just gets put back into the reservoir. Not the most elegant solution, especially with unused probes hanging there, but otherwise, the chiller works great.
I bought the max 4 recently, and next to the control readouts, it says heat and cool, but in the pictures here on the website it does not show any heating option. The provided instructions do not mention it either. Did I receive some sort of new model? Or are nr readouts from a different model?
Robert on Nov 20, 2021
BEST ANSWER: I have the same question. Today I spoke with a friend who had received his Icemaster Max 2 last week. He assured me that the unit can also heat up. But why is that not specified anywhere? I also only know, as has already been written, that you have the possibility to connect a heating device which is then also controlled by the internal controller (version 2.1). Does my buddy now have a kind of version 2.2? To the original questioner: Have you tried heating with straight water?
How loud is this compared to a regular fridge?
James Kromer on Mar 21, 2022
BEST ANSWER: A little louder with the fans going. Nothing crazy though. Maybe 10-20% louder Than my mini fridge
The info states this system can cold crash 2 1BBL fermenters, simultaneously. Would it have any problem keeping 4 1BBL fermenters at 68 defrees F in a 75-80 degree room? That is, assuming the fermenters are well-insulated.
Russ Rivers on Mar 4, 2022
BEST ANSWER: I am not sure. But over the thumb calculated has a bbl Rd 30 gal. 4 fermenter are 120 equal 120*8.3 lbs. Delta temp is 12 F .means 12*8.3*120=11952 BTU. The cooler has 3000 BTU per hour. In 4hrs has this system cooled down the temp.running the compressor 4 hrs full time. Usually you should not let the compressor run more than 20 min per hour. It can work .but this is already at the limits. Now you need to keep it cool. How is the insulation. How many w/mk do you lost.your machine would bring 700 BTU per hr per tank. 1bbl needs about 250 BTU per hr to maintain the fermentation temp.add 30 percent safety. Let say one line needs 300btu and your compressor would give 700btu . Then the compressor needs to run 3/7 of each hour. My cooler runs 1/12 per hour. You can , would not go or recommend this..is the compressor made for this? If you want to dig deeper spike brewing has a nice article about the BTU calculation for many fermenter and temp conditions
What size tubing did you use on this unit for flow lines?
Dan Sledzinski on Jun 29, 2021
BEST ANSWER: Howdy. I used 3/8 silicone from more beer. Part# H983B. Fits perfect. I did use small quality zip ties for clamps on the barbs and on the chiller coils.
Has anyone had an issue with the chiller going too cold? Mine is filled 100% water and set to 10C but it will keep chilling down to 0.5C. I have to turn it off every 6-12 hours and let it come back to room temperature to avoid it freezing over.
Jason Aylward on Nov 12, 2022
BEST ANSWER: check your PID controller. You have one for each line and fermenter and a main PID at the bottom for the coolant. In the menu you will find F1.F2.F3 .F4 and so on. Each sub menu has a special function. Esp. F1 sets the temp. G2 the hysteresis. Means the gap between the reached temp and when again it shuts down or start again . No the important part: the coolant controller works totally independent. Download the manual, if you are worried watch the video from kegland Australia how to program it and set the F1 to 10C and return to the main menu with pressing F and powerON buttons .
For SS Brewtech 1BBL Brites - where does one put the temperature sensor? All that's needed is the coil, correct?
Michael Kramer on Oct 29, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Temp sensor goes in the thermowell. Different carboys have different thermowell. For ex, the SS Brew Bucket has a thermowell and it comes with a digital temperature display that fits over the thermowell. The sensor(probe) is deeper in the thermowell and the digital temperature display then encloses the thermowell. If you have a 5 gal plastic bucket or glass carboy then you can get lids for those that have a 15 inch thermowell that can be adapted to the lid and the sensor then is sunk down into the wort through the 15 inch thermowell from the top. This should get you started in the right direction. Good luck
What is the reservoir capacity and what is the glycol-to-water mix?
Diane Baas on Sep 17, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The reservoir has an 8 gallon capacity. The included instructions state "Fill the reservoir with a 20% propylene glycol solution - 4 parts RO/distilled/deionized water to 1 part 99.9% propylene glycol.
Is this chiller compatible with european volage in 220 VAC ?
Derquennes Thomas on Feb 20, 2022
BEST ANSWER: Mine was wired with a standard US 110VAC plug. You would have to check with an electrician on your end to see if this unit would work for you. Should be a simple adapter. It is a great little unit! I would recommend isolating the unit in a separate air space to prevent the heat from the unit adding unnecessary heat to the room if it is in the same space with the fermenters. If you have plenty of air circulation in the room, it will not be an issue. Our brew room had zero air circulation. The heat had no where to go.
Good luck!
How long are the temp sensor cables?
Joe Walker on May 29, 2021
BEST ANSWER: Hi John. They are 80” end to end.
What is the dBA level when it's running all four pumps?
Michael Kramer on Oct 31, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I don't have a decimal meter but the unit sits next to my desk and the pumps are extremely quiet to the point I don't even know they're on. The refrigeration compressor is no louder than a mini refrigerator
Does the controllers have an option to add a heater to them as well so the same controller can heat and cool?
Jonas Kristensson on Jun 26, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Hi Jonas - unfortunately the controllers do not have a second input to control a heating element.

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4.5 Stars
Write your review here. It must be at least 20 charaPUT TEFLON TAPE ON THE DRAIN PLUG!

Okay now with that out of the way... this is a nice and versatile unit. It performs well.

But get ready to learn Celsius if you're in the US, there's no way to set to F. And I'm not crazy about the built in controllers (holding two buttons simultaneous and then holding two buttons again to confirm, then two buttons again to save? Jesus christ), but the unit design is good in terms of what counts - the cooling, the capacity, and the pretty quiet noise. It's about as loud as an older fridge. I wouldn't mind working next to it if I had to. Sleeping next to it wouldn't be fun though.

I've been able to chill 14 gallons down from 70 to 33F in around 1.5 hours holding the chamber at 29F. I could hold the chamber lower but that seems like overkill when mostly this thing is just pumping coolant for 3-4 minutes every hour or so to keep the fermentation stable. As I scale up to having 1bbl size fermenters, and possibly 2-3 of them at a time, I think it will work well even if it might be chugging sometimes. Based on the specs it's right for even a 2-3BBL brewery that doesn't need to cold crash quickly.cters long. Consider whether you would recommend this product and what you like or dislike about it.
August 13, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Can’t believe I didn’t buy this sooner
Instructions are not the best, but love the chiller. Since I only needed it to chill the all in one combo works well
User submitted image
Added May 2, 2021
May 2, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Good .powerful.
Works well. but manual is missing one important hint.
Glycol is not glycol . activated glycol, this stuff with anti corrosives is needed. Both can be food grade. If you use only destilled water mixed with glycol , then you still have an autoprotolyse. Means the water is without ions and can corrode the copper tubes easily. Buy the glycol with the inhibitor..it is the same price..but buy it.
April 23, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Good glycol chiller
I bought this to chill my 1/2bbl Brewtech unitank and 20 gallon brite tank and it does an excellent job. Can cold crash 17 gallons down 35 degrees in about 3 hours and with two more open lines I can’t wait to get more tanks!
April 12, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 3 out of 5
It does what it needs to, but it came with some issues.
As I’m typing this out I have 2 lagers fermenting at 10C and I just kegged an ipa that i cold crashed at 3C so yes it does do what I need it to do. That being said when I first got it there was a leak because 5 of the 8 disconnects inside were not tightened properly with hose clamps. It was an easy enough fix but another problem is that one of the 4 pumps doesn’t seem to work. Again this isn’t a huge deal for me because I have only 3 fermenters but still when you pay almost a grand on a piece of equipment you want it to work properly!
March 25, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Awesome unit
Awesome and affordable. Pumps inside so no external stuff. Held temp fine. Only drawback was no instructions came with it. Went to YouTube and watched videos. Still not sure capacity of water/glycol. Put 7 gallons it.
March 22, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great chiller
Very easy to setup, definitely get the extra hose and make short like loops to test the machine, stays very cold and very quiet. I am so far very happy with this
March 9, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 3 out of 5
It good, not great
Real rating is 3.5.
It can keep multiple tanks very cool and I live the built in sensors. It has definitely helped me up my lager game for sure.
Price is fair.

Had issues with some of the senor inputs being very loose needing some glue.
It will make an annoying sound unless a sensor is plugged in...even if you "turn it off" I find this annoying because I would like to store the other sensor cables away when I'm not using them.
The master glycol temp controller (stc 1000) on the bottom went bad on me twice. Moorebeer was great about replacing..but annoying. The one time is nearly froze the glycol which I'm sure would have damaged the system. I won't be leaving it on while I'm deployed...thats for sure.
Works as advertised. Could be made with better parts...little worried about longevity on this unit. But we will see.
February 18, 2021
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great value fat a quality chiller.
I was surprised by the quality and features of this chiller. The only drawback is that it only reads temperature in Celsius. Love the temperature control I have now.
Love this chiller with my fermenters.
Love this chiller with my fermenters.
January 1, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
When I received it one of the temperature displays was not working. luckily I'm handy and was able to fix it without too much of a problem. Overall it works great. I wish there was a switch underneath every display to shut them off and on other than that I like the unit and it's a great price compared to other chillers
September 16, 2020
over 3 years ago