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Vacuum Storage Set (1.3L Container + Pump)

Item #: COF602
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Weight: 1LBS
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The Vacuvin Vacuum Storage Set is the perfect solution for keeping any food or oxygen-sensitive product air-free. Simply pour in your coffee beans, snack foods (chips, nuts, crackers, pretzels, beef jerky, etc...), hops for brewing, or oak cubes for wine-making and then replace the lid on the container. It's only a matter of connecting the hand pump to the top of the lid and pumping to create an air tight seal, locking in freshness and flavor! Holding 1.3L and standing 7" tall x 6" wide, the Vacuvin Flavor Saver easy to tuck away in the cupboard or cabinet - a great trade-off between size and versatility.

Coffee Lovers!
Keep different types of coffee fresh and relatively oxygen-free for blending or simple storage without the risk of staling - which occurs with oxygen exposure. Each 1.3L container can hold up to 16 oz. of whole coffee beans (with slightly more in ground form). In addition, by putting freshly roasted coffee in this container and pumping the majority of air out, the carbon dioxide created by the bean as it sets (freshly roasted coffee beans produce a fair amount of carbon dioxide after roasting) will then fill the container - essentially creating an inert environment for the bean until the container is opened. When you do open it (there may not even be a vacuum anymore depending on how much carbon dioxide was produced), as long as you are careful to not disturb the beans you don't remove, a pocket of carbon dioxide is left on the floor of the container - sustaining freshness without the need to even pump again!

Beer Brewers!
Keep your hops fresh and oxygen-free without freezing! You can fit up to a pound of peletized hops in each container - retaining bitterness and aromatics. Oxygen exposure is the major contributing factor to reduced hop bitterness imparted by the hops. Many people keep their hops in the freezer to slow this reaction down - but most of us don't have the freezer space needed for this (That is to say, most brewers don't have significant others that let them keep pounds and pounds of hops in the freezer). Solve that problem in one fell swoop by getting the Vacuvin Flavor Saver and a few additional jars for your hop inventory. Although the containers are shaded, be sure to keep them in a dark place!

Wine Makers!
The Vacuvin Flavor Saver allows you to store several varieties of oak (shredded or cubed) in individual containers - shield each from oxygen and retaining aromatics and freshness for months. Staling is a major contributing factor to lost aromatics and flavor in oak used for wine-making.

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