Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

As winemakers ourselves, finding the highest quality wine tanks at a great price was a driving factor for who we choose to partner with. We stock wine tanks from both Speidel of Germany and Marchisio of Italy. Available in sizes from 5 to 500 plus gallons with numerous features and accessories to fit your winemaking needs. All of our stainless steel wine tanks are supported by our team in here in the United States and we stock parts for them all in both our west and east coast warehouses.

Click here if you would like to learn more about assembling variable volume tanks!

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Assembling a Variable Volume Tank

Download PDF Homebrew Starter Kit Instructions Download print friendly version

Congratulations on your purchase of a new stainless steel Variable Volume Tank from MoreWine! These instructions will guide you step-by-step through the process of assembling your tank and making it ready for your wine. We sell two brands, Marchisio & Speidel. Click the link above to see a pdf with pictures of each step. See page 2 for images of fully assembled lids.

What you will need:

  • Your tank and MoreWine! Hardware Pack
  • A small screwdriver
  • A crescent wrench
  • About 15 minutes
  1. Remove the stainless lid and bladder package from the interior of the tank. Open the package and lay it out on the ground to ensure that everything has arrived intact.
  2. First we’ll assemble the lid. Remove the bladder from its package. Set the stem of the bladder through the hole in the rim of the tank and ensure that it is centered - like installing a bicycle inner tube.
  3. Now stretch the bladder the rest of the way around the lid’s rim. The easiest way to do this is to set the lid vertically on the ground and hold it in place with your foot. Stretch the tubing up around the bottom of the lid with both hands so that the last portion to slide on to the rim is the part that is exactly across from the stem.
  4. Next you want to locate the piece of clear vinyl tubing and remove the masking tape. Attach this tubing to the bladder with one of the enclosed hose clamps. If you are having trouble sliding the tubing on to the barb of the bladder, try soaking it in hot water for a few minutes to soften it up.
  5. Now attach the tubing to the barb on the pump and secure it with the other hose clamp. This is a great time to make sure that everything is attached correctly and holding pressure. Loosen the black knob next to the gauge on the pump, and inflate the bladder until the pressure gauge is reading somewhere in the green zone. Note what pressure you inflated to, then set the lid aside for now. We’ll want to come back in about 30 minutes to make sure no pressure has been lost.
  6. Now it is time to install the airlock in the lid. Remove the locknut from the bottom of the airlock, ensuring that the gasket stays with the upper part of the assembly. Install the airlock through the existing hole in the lid and secure in place with the locknut. Marchisio airlocks are white and Speidel airlocks are orange.
  7. If you have a Marchisio Tank attach the rope to the top of the airlock.
  8. Now it is time to install the rest of the hardware. Locate your MoreWine! Hardware pack and confirm that it included a 1/2” stainless steel ball valve, nipple and plug. The nipple and plug should be pre-wrapped with teflon tape to ensure a good seal. Thread the plug into the upper of the two ports as far as you can by hand. If you have purchased a thermometer or thermowell to be installed in the tank, then install this instead of the plug.
  9. Now thread the nipple into the ball valve, ensuring that the valve’s handle will face away from the tank once installed. Don’t worry if you can’t thread the nipple in very far by hand. Next install the ball valve / nipple assembly into the lower port on the tank. Again, thread it in as far as you can by hand and don’t worry if that is not very far - we will take care of that next.
  10. Now it is time to tighten down the plug and valve with the your crescent wrench. This process will not only make sure you have a good, leak free seal, but will also help seat the nipple into the ball valve as well.
  11. If you have a Marchisio Tank you will need to remove the white plastic protective liner from the inside of the tank and the clear plastic wrapping from the exterior.
  12. Almost finished! We strongly recommend that you take the time now to fill your tank with water and make sure there are no leaks of any kind. If you are dripping from the plug or valve joints, try tightening them further with the crescent wrench. If this does not work, try removing the offending piece and adding 2-3 additional wraps of teflon tape. If you are leaking from anywhere else on the tank please call our Customer Service line immediately (1- 800-823-0010).
  13. Assuming all is well and there are no leaks when the tank is water-tested, go back to the lid assembly and check to see you have not lost any pressure since you first pumped up the bladder. If you have, double check that the hose clamps are tight, but not so tight that they have cut into the tubing that runs from the bladder to the pump. Also check to be sure that the black knob at the top of the pump is tightened all the way. If you are still leaking, try applying a light spray of soapy water to each of the junctions and to the bladder itself to try to locate the leak. If the leak is endemic to a component of the system, give us a call to have a replacement sent out to you.