BrewBuilt CoolStix™

Controlling fermentation temperature is one of the keys of great brewing. The BrewBuilt CoolStix™ is an easy to use, innovative way to achieve perfect fermentation temperatures without the need for a separate refrigerator.
What is Included:  The complete kit includes a stainless Coolstix for your application, a pump, a controller, self-sealing quick disconnects, tubing & clamps. You will need to provide a cooler filled with ice water. Advanced brewers can consider the Icemaster Glycol Chiller instead of using a cooler.    
How it works: The Coolstix is inserted into your fermenter and sealed with a special stopper or hood that comes with the kit. The included pump is placed in an ice chest filled with ice water or a glycol chiller. You set the desired temperature you want on the controller and cold liquid is pumped through the Coolstix as needed.   
Why We love it: Unlike other in-solution cooling coils on the market, the CoolStix™ utilizes a straight vertical design. Without all the curves and bends of a cooling coil, it is easier to scrub and sanitize the unit prior to setup. This is crucial when you are dealing with cooled wort prior to fermentation. We also like the included quick disconnects which stay sealed after disconnecting so they do not drip everywhere.  


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