Industry Leaders Using a MoreBeer! BrewSculpture


Below is a list of some of the commercial breweries and industry leaders that use a MoreBeer! BrewSculpure for various purposes.
Heretic Brewing Company was founded by Jamil Zainasheff, one of the homebrew greats.  Jamil has had his sculpture for a number of years now, and still uses it for homebrewing, but has also found another use: A pilot system for his impressive new brewery!
Ommegang has been around since 1997, and was the first farmstead brewery built in the USA in over one hundred years!  They've owned their BrewSculpture since 2005, and have used it to perfect some amazing recipes!
Rogue doesn't have a MoreBeer! BrewSculpture - they have four (at least)!  Well, four of the BrewSculptures and twelve heated and cooled conicals...but who's keeping track?  These are used for test batches, and also to supply some of their brew pubs with new, fresh, small batch tap beer. 
Stone Brewing Company has owned and used their BrewSculpture since 2006, and continue to do so almost weekly.  Many of their test batches are done on this system, most of which pass the test and move on to please thousands of beer lovers every day!
The Boston Beer Company (more commonly known as Samuel Adams) owns at least four BrewSculptures, and we don't even know how many conicals are in their posession at this point!  They're using them for a little bit of everything - but yeast propagation seems to be the main use of these conicals...or so we suspect!
Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River Brewing Company has been brewing on his MoreBeer! BrewSculpture since 2010, and does a lot of testing on his system.  Russian River Brewing Company is about 90 minutes away from our Concord, CA location - a drive that many of us will make in a heartbeat for some of his amazing Pizza, IPAs and Lambics!
Flying Dog was started in the 1990s in Colorado, but has since the expanded to a full blown brewing operation based out of Maryland.  They've owned their BrewSculpture since 2009, and have been using it as a pilot system ever since.
The Siebel Institute of Technology received one of MoreBeer!'s 20 Gallon Tippy-Dump BrewSculptures in 2010, and have been using it year in and year out to teach future brewers on.  MoreBeer!'s very own Chris Graham also goes out to help teach some of these courses at least once a year, which is pretty cool that he's teaching the class on one of our own systems!
Hale's Ales was the 1st commercial brewery to ever purchase a MoreBeer! BrewSculpture.  Based out of Seattle, WA, Hale's Ales has been around for over 27 years now, and continues to wow their local beer lovers, one pint at a time!
HopUnion has been using their MoreBeer! Sculpture to supply their facility with delicious, hoppy beers.  Well, that and they also happen to test a lot of the new experimental hops on the system - one of them being Zythos (the main hop in our Zythos IPA), and another being HBC-342.
White Labs has owned their 2050 Tippy-Dump BrewSculpture sinec 2005!  They use this to brew beer for their facility, but more importantly, to test the yeast that thousands of homebrewers and professional brewers end up using to ferment their wort!  Talk about pressure...
Sawtooth Brewery purchased their sculpture in 2011, and have been using it ever since to brew a number of beers served at their pub in Ketchum, ID.  They've brewed hundreds of batches on their system, ferment in MoreBeer! heated and cooled conical fermenters.  When talking to them about their first anniversary, their Head Brewer Paul Holle mentioned a Double Rye IPA from Rye Whiskey Barrels - now that's a beer we'd like to try!
UC Davis has owned a MoreBeer! 2100 Single-Tier BrewSculpture since 2010, and use it to help educate the students participating in their famous brewing courses.

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