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We have a huge selection wine bottles to choose from. Keep in mind, the shape of the bottle traditionally tells a lot about the wine it holds!

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Wine Bottle Differences

Wine and beer glasses come in different shapes and sizes to reflect body, flavor profile and ideal temperature considerations. But why do wine bottles come in different shapes? Learn more about the three most common bottle options and the reasons winemakers make their particular bottle choice.

It’s All About Tradition

The choice of wine bottle most often reflects a commitment to history. Rather than crafted specifically for any type of wine, most design decisions reflect an interesting story and historical commitment. Read up on the three most popular wine bottles and find out which type is best for your chosen winemaking project.

Burgundy Wine Bottle

The first bottle on the list is the oldest of the common bottles still used today. The Burgundy bottle is named for the area rather than the wine type, because it was first designed for housing pinot noir and chardonnay wines. It was only after successful use and growing popularity of this ubiquitous bottle that it was used for red and white Burgundy wines.
The signature curved sides soon caught on. Winemakers around the world use this bottle type for chardonnay, pinot noir and similar wine types. Some strictly use this bottle for white wines that see oak in the aging process, but this trend is slowly faded away.
While the curved look conveys a light, bright and airy feel that complements the wines traditionally housed in this bottle, it was created this way as a practical design decision. Traditional glassmakers found it easiest to make a bottle with a gentle curve in the neck, but the design has outlasted traditional techniques.
You may find some balanced red wines in a Burgundy bottle. Reds with a profile similar to pinot noir are sometimes found in this sleek, stylish bottle, so don’t be afraid to fill some up with your new red wine.

The Bordeaux

Weighing in at number two in terms of popularity, the strong Bordeaux bottle offers a bold, striking counterbalance to the slim lines of the Burgundy. While the Burgundy is known for white varieties, the Bordeaux is firmly a red wine bottle.
Bottle your merlot and cabernet sauvignon in a traditional Bordeaux bottle to join generations of winemakers. The iconic shoulders of this bottle are sometimes attributed to sediment collection. It’s thought that these larger shoulders can collect sediment as a wine is being decanted. There isn’t any firm proof of this, but it remains a compelling story.
Virtually any red wine pairs well with this strong bottle. The sleek lines of the Burgundy may be more appropriate for your white Burgundy wines, but a red is best stored in a classic Bordeaux bottle.

Alsatian/Mosel Bottle

Last up is the Alsatian/Mosel bottle. This bottle was introduced for storing riesling. Shortly after the Bordeaux was introduced, this delicate bottle was introduced as a bottle option for shipping rieslings down the Rhine.
Legend has it that the slim bottle was chosen as a way to pack more wine into river boats. The delicate nature wasn’t an issue, since wines transported down the Rhine river were unlikely to see the high seas.
An Alsatian/Mosel bottle is also a great option for storing gewurztraminer wines and others with similar notes. Whether you’re creating dry or sweet rieslings or similar wines, pick up one of these sleek bottles to show off your knowledge of wine history.

Order Wine Bottles Today

After you’re painstakingly crafted a beautiful riesling or chardonnay, it’s time to store it in the right bottles. Order wine bottles today at MoreBeer! to find affordable bottles that match your current winemaking project. Compare Bordeaux, Burgundy and other wine bottle designs to create an unforgettable wine in a traditional bottle.