CBD Extraction

With the legalization of Cannabis in many states many new companies are looking for commercial equipment to help in CBD extraction. We recognize our brewing equipment is used in the extraction proccess so we created this page to help those customers locate information on those products. We do not know much about the procces itself or intend to offer specialized hobby level equipment for doing so.

If you're a commercial CBD extraction company please contact our MoreBeer! Pro division at Email: info@morebeerpro.com or Tel: (888) 880-8178. You can also visit our MoreBeer! Pro website by clicking, HERE

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Types of CBD Extraction Methods & Equipment 

Disclaimer: We are by no means experts on the subject of CBD extraction and cannot speak to the proccess itself.

CO2 Extraction Method (Supercritical, subcritical and mid-critical extraction)

This proccess uses pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) to pull CBD (and other phytochemicals) from the plant. Our Pro Uni & Brite tanks as well as glycol chillers can be used in this proccess.

Olive Oil Extraction Method

This proccess envolves heating olive oil and raw plant material for a specific legnth of time to extract CBD (cannabinoids). Our large brewing kettles, large mesh bags and even our large pro plate filters can be used in this proccess. Please note the filter pads we sell will not work for this proccess as they are designed for a much less viscous material.

Dry Ice Extraction Method

This proccess envolves freezing the raw plant material to extract CBD (cannabinoids). Our 5 gallon plastic buckets, nylon mesh bags and thick brewing gloves can be used in this proccess.

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