Blichmann Fermenator

If you’ve been using a breakable carboy or an inconvenient bucket to ferment your home brews, take your brewing game to the next level with a Blichmann Fermenator conical fermentor from MoreBeer! Blichmann Engineering is one of the most respected home brewing supply manufacturers that creates stainless steel conical fermenters that are just like the ones that you see in your favorite commercial breweries, but they’re available in sizes and prices that are meant for use right in the home. With a sleek, attractive design and endless features to boot, a Blichmann Conical Fermenator promises to greatly improve the quality of your beer and the enjoyment that you get out of the brewing process.

MoreBeer! carries Blichmann Conical Fermentors in sizes ranging from 7-gallons to 42-gallons large, depending on your batch size. We also offer all of the necessary accessories that you’ll need in order to keep your new fermenter working its best. Lid gaskets, bulkhead tools and blow-off kits are all designed especially for use with these Blichmann fermentors, creating a seamless process that takes your brewing to the next level. 

Some of the benefits:
  • Carrying handles
  • Choose between standard 1/2" threads, or 1" tri-clover fittings
  • Four sizes to choose from to enable you to ferment 5, 10, 20, or 1BBL batches
  • Optional leg extensions and casters available
  • Comes with a rotating racking arm

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