When and how do you remove the trub and yeast from the conical fermenter?

Brewer's follow their own unique schedules for dumping trub and yeast based on their style of beer made. Our general plan is to dump trub after the initial ferment has started to slow down. This removes a majority of the trub, the main item we are trying to eliminate. After a few days we sometimes harvest yeast after dumping the initial trub. Sometimes there is only one dump, sometimes a few. Some brewers who use a hop back find they have so little trub it is not worth doing a dump at all. Some lager brewers do a cold settling (usually overnight) where they actually dump trub (hot and cold break) before adding the yeast. When dumping, people may use our FIL90 sanitary air filter. It fits into a stopper which fits into the fermentation lid. Thus when air is pulled back in to the fermenter during a trub drop the air is sanitary. Dumps done as fermentation subsides are less risky because of the continued CO2 production from the fermenting wort. Some customers fit a balloon onto a hollow rod and insert that into the stopper before doing dumps. The balloon fills up with CO2 and then when you dump out the bottom CO2 is sucked back in instead of air. Some brewers hook up to their CO2 system when doing a dump to force in CO2 as a replacement gas instead of air. There are many ways to use a stainless conical effectively!

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