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Hydrometer Temperature Correction Calculator

Hydrometer Correction Calculator

Measuring gravity with a hydrometer can be affected by temperature, so we recommend using this hydrometer temperature correction calculator to make sure you're recording your gravity accurately!
I frequently find myself taking multiple gravity readings during the brew day and at various stages of fermentation. Save yourself time and make sure your readings are accurate but correctly adjusting to reflect your liquids temperature.

Hydrometer Reading: Place a sample of the liquid to be tested into a hydrometer testing jar, and lower the hydrometer into the sample. Spin thehydrometer to eliminate any air bubbles that might cling to the side of the hydrometer. Once the Hydrometer stops moving, take your first reading from the Specific Gravity (beer) or Brix (wine) scale. In beer making, the first reading is often called the “Original Gravity Reading”, which implies it was taken prior to the onset of fermentation. See Diagram A

How to Read A Hydrometer!

Diagram A

Unit: The unit of temperature you are using. Our calculator supports either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Select what one you took the measurement with. Sorry fans of the kelvin unit...
Temperature: The temperature reading of your liquid.
Calibration Temperature: Hydrometers are calibrated to be used at a specific temperature. Our standard Triple Scale Hydrometer is calibrated at 68 degrees. If your hydrometer is properly calibrated, it should read 1.000 when floating in pure water (distilled or reverse osmosis water).
Calculate: Simply hit the "Go" button to perform the Hydrometer Correction Calculation!
Adjusted Value: This field will display the adjusted value calculation. Example if my wort was reading 1.054 at a temp of 100 degrees Fahrenheit the real "adjusted" reading would be 1.059.