Electric Home Brewing Kits

Start homebrewing today with one of our Premium Electric Home Brewing kits! These electric brewing kits include everything you need to start brewing 5 gallon batches of beer at home. They also include the ingredients for your first batch and an easy to follow step by step recipe, so you will be brewing amazing beer right out of the gate!

We give you More!

Not only is our Premium Electric Home Brewing Kit the most complete homebrewing starter kit on the market, you can also select if you want to start with Extract or All-Grain brewing! Extract brewing is the simplest process for making beer and therefore the most popular to start with. With extract brewing the sugars used to make beer are coming from a liquid or powder concentrate. Whereas with All-Grain brewing you will be starting with crushed grains. This adds some extra steps and therefore time in your brewday. But it also gives you more control over the brewing process, ultimately allowing for greater control of flavor and the types of beer styles you can brew.   Either way, we got you covered with easy to follow instructions and free phone/email support if you have any questions along the way.

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