Hot Liquor Tanks, Mash Tuns and The Sparge Arm

We have an incredible selection of hot liquor tanks & mash tuns!  Most home beer brewers would agree that one of the most essential tools of the trade is the brewing kettle, as it boils the wort that will eventually become delicious beer. If you prefer all-grain brewing though, you’ll also need a Hot Liquor Tank "HLT" and a Mash Tun "MT" to complete your brewing system. Lucky for savvy home brewers, MoreBeer! carries a wide selection of brewing kettles, mash tuns, and hot liquor tanks that are ideal for any batch size. If you need to upgrade your existing set up, we also have the sparge arm and false bottoms as well.

It’s important to invest in a sturdy, durable Mash Tun or Hot Liquor Tank that will last for years to come, which is why MoreBeer! only carries high quality stainless steel options that are extremely resistant to rust or denting. They also come in various sizes to fit your brewing needs. If you have any questions on selecting the right HLT or MT for your system give us a call or email.

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