Liquid Beer Yeast For Ales

With more than 25 strains of White Labs liquid beer yeast for ales alone available at MoreBeer!, it makes sense to test a few out and determine which one suits your recipes best. This large a selection may liken the home brewer to a kid in a candy shop, what with yeast available for brewing California Ale, Irish Ale, English Ale, European Ale and more. White Labs California Ale Yeast happens to be one of the most popular ale yeast strains, with its dry fermenting and soft malt flavor. It is known for being clean, and that it finishes out very well. The White Labs Irish Ale yeast can be used in all ales. It is known to produce a character both clean and crisp. White Labs English Ale Yeast gives off a rich, malty flavor with fruity esters and is used in many microbreweries. European Ale Yeast has low ester production and a profile that is clean with negligible sulfur production. See the whole line of yeasts for making great ales at MoreBeer!