Spiced Beer

It isn't always easy to find just the ingredients you need for brewing your own beer at home. For those more difficult to locate, must-have ingredients, MoreBeer! sells brewing spices for specialty beer recipes. Bitter orange peel is used to add spice to Belgian beers like Witbiers, while sweet orange peel also used for Belgian beers will not give off the metallic taste present in more bitter oranges. For holiday beers and strong ales, sweet orange peel is a wise choice. Cacao nibs are crushed seeds from the Cacao plant that will provide a very subdued coco-like flavor to any beer. Gesho Kitel Ethiopian Hop Powder comes from a blend of sundried hop leaves gathered in the Ethiopian highlands, where it's used in the production of Tej, a honey wine and Tella, a beer. Vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea are fresh and ready to be used in the beer of your choice.